Thawing Your Frozen Wedding Cake Top

Posted by lauer on Apr 14, 2011

So – you decided to freeze your wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary?  Congratulations on getting your freezer space back!

Here are some handy steps to help you bring your cake back from the dead.  Our bride Heather did this and was kind enough to take some photos for us.

(Heather’s cake on the wedding day. Pretty, right?  Photo by Regeti’s Photography)

1. Let’s assume your wedding was on a Saturday and your first anniversary is on a Sunday.  Take the cake out of the freezer on Friday night and put it in the refrigerator:

2. On Sunday morning, take the cake out of the refrigerator, unwrap it, and place it on a plate on the counter.  Heather used an ice cream scoop for scale to show you how many layers she wrapped:

3. Leave it on the counter all day so it comes to room temperature.

4. Slice and enjoy!

Here’s what Heather had to say about eating a year-old cake:

The cake was even better than I remembered, and it was fun having something left of the wedding day, even if it wasn’t quite as pretty as a fresh from the bakery cake!

Mad props goes to the Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe in Arlington, VA.  These guys know how to make a cake!  Just thinking about Heather’s chocolate mousse cake brings back some fantastic memories.

Thinking back to my own wedding, I remember the cake being a little dry.  The filling wasn’t as flavorful.  After the first couple days, it quickly disintegrated in the fridge and we ended up throwing out the majority of it.  It was a nice little tribute to the wedding day and a fun way to celebrate our anniversary.

Did you freeze your wedding cake top or do you plan to?  Let us know how it tasted!