Thank-You Note Worries and Woes

Posted by csancho on Jul 31, 2012

Thank-you notes are a chore most brides don’t exactly embrace as a “fun” part of wedding planning. They’re tedious, time-consuming, and they give us hand cramps. They are, however, and important part of letting your guests know that they’re appreciated, and they are still an expected part of the wedding process. Getting them done (in a timely manner) is something you shouldn’t skip, so here are a few tips to make the whole experience a little easier:


Courtesy of The Knotty Bride

Don’t Wait for Early Gifts
Many brides fret when they receive a gift way before the wedding date. Though it’s now common courtesy to send a gift to the couple’s home instead of bringing it to the venue the day of (transportation reasons – shuttling home a hundred gifts can be a bit of a bother), that leaves many a couple receiving gifts at different times before and after the big day. This is my tip: write the card immediately. While you shouldn’t use the gift until after the wedding, write the card as soon as you can. The accompanying well-wishes will be fresh in your mind and you’ll be free to write a detailed, personal note NOW. That sentiment will be fresher than if you’d waited to write the card later.

Keep a (DETAILED) List
Though you will be getting some of your gifts ahead of time, it goes without saying that the bulk of the gifts will arrive all at once – especially the notes you will receive during the event in your card box. You should create a list of your guests and their respective gifts, but I suggest making a more detailed list than just “name + gift.” Make note of who was actually at the wedding, who couldn’t make it, and specific sentiments that were addressed to you in the card. This will allow you to keep it fresh in your mind and make your cards more personal and specific. You think you’ll remember these things, but you won’t. Even for a small wedding, detailed lists are a must.

Courtesy of Confetti

Do Them NOW
Don’t put it off. I mean it. Really. No one likes writing thank you cards, but they are so very very important. You’ll have your wedding, take off for your honeymoon, and immediately realize how behind you are on work and other important things when you return. It is so easy to forget to do thank-you cards, but you have to make them a priority. Thank-you cards are important to people, and it’s the least you can do after your guests made the effort to send your their love for your wedding. Thank-you cards that are eight months late are almost worse than no thank-you cards at all (okay, that’s not true – any card is better than no card). But imagine opening one up eons after a wedding and going “Oh yeah, I guess she never did thank us until now. SHE’S OUT OF THE WILL.”

Make Them Personal and Honest
Thank-you notes are there most enjoyable when the host/hostess takes the time to write a personal message within them. Say what you plan on doing with the money or whatever gift they found you, and tell them how much you enjoyed seeing them after such a long time away. It’s common courtesy to write a thank you note, but truly wonderful when you take the task in stride and truly mention just how thankful you are.