A Photo Thank You!

Posted by aruchaevsky on Mar 12, 2009

The use of digital photography has opened the door to a wide range of creations. No longer are you your wedding photos limited to albums or picture frames. Enter the photo thank you card! Our studio offers this as an option to brides as an alternative to the standard thank you card. Digital photo thank you cards feature one or more images, with a custom thank you, created by the couple and printed directly onto their thank you cards.

Most studios can create a custom thank you card however, if that is not an option at your studio, you can use services like Snapfish, to create something similar.

Important: If you do plan on using a third party, make sure that you have the copyright to re-print the images.

Photo thank you cards may cost a little more, but they will take the work out of writing out each card and leave a more memorable impression, with multiple images and a custom thank you, for your guests.