Periwinkle’s PSA

Posted by bridalbuds on Oct 21, 2009

October 16th was National Mammography Day. According to the American Cancer Society Guidelines for the Early Detection of Cancer, annual mammograms are recommended for women age 40 and up.

Mammograms save lives. Please help spread the word and encourage all your female friends and family members to schedule a mammogram, so we can all celebrate a world with more birthdays!

…and just think, a world with more birthdays means more weddings, too!  😉

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Periwinkle Blossom.

Tips for a Healthy Bride

Posted by MeganH on Jun 17, 2008

By now we’ve all heard Doctor knows best…well, nurses also know a thing or two! LiveSmarter, a blog from The Online Nursing Degree Directory, has published The Pre-Wedding Health Guide: 25 Things Every Bride Should Do to Stay Healthy Before the Big Day to offer suggestions on how to stay healthy during this stressful time.

The top 4 tips include:

1. Eat Well

2. Take a Walk

3. Practice Good Posture

4. Eat some CHOCOLATE!!! – now that’s my kind of health tip!


Do you have any tips of your own?