Artistic Spring Cafe Wedding in South Carolina

Posted by Caitlin on Aug 26, 2013

Brantly & Kent 

April 6

Easley, South Carolina


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one? 

It’s the shared history: Kent and I grew up in this church together, so there was really never a question. It made for an amazing day—walking down the aisle on which we had chased each other around at various youth group functions and seeing so many familiar sights from our past. The fact that the church itself is absolutely lovely didn’t hurt either!

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. Colors: My inspiration came from a Vincent van Gogh poster I purchased in Amsterdam that has graced my bedroom walls for years, creating a very content and calm atmosphere. I wanted the same for the wedding and carried the theme throughout—from the invitations to the bridesmaid dresses to the flowers.

2. Holly Graciano, our photographer: I first heard of Holly as an Art History undergrad when my professor mentioned that his wife was doing wedding photography. When I looked her up after our time had come, I immediately fell for her eye for design and composition. For someone like me, who could spend hours looking at paintings and drawings, was extremely important to me that we have mementos that were both meaningful and beautiful.

3. Handmade and handpicked bits and pieces: I loved that my mom and I were able to work together to create a really thoughtful day. We made signs, lanterns, the ring bearer’s “pillow,” which turned out to be a shell from the beach where Kent and I were engaged, and the heirloom cake recipe that my Memaw used to make. She passed away years ago, but I didn’t feel like she was so far away when Kent and I shared that first bite of Italian cream cake.

3. Give us the one moment in your wedding day that you can’t stop thinking about.

Aside from replaying my few “last words” with my father before we walked out of the bridal room, it’s the getaway and the feeling that all was well with the world at that moment. Our friends and family, many of whom had never met before and would likely never meet again, surrounded us as we walked out of a perfect reception into a perfect evening with beautiful sparklers and wish lanterns lighting the night sky. Holding Kent’s hand, I knew that I was blessed, undeservedly, beyond measure and that this moment would be one to never forget.


Sara & Nick

August 3

South Hero, Vermont


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

Nick’s family has owned a beautiful piece of land on Lake Champlain for over 40 years. Growing up, Nick spent nearly every summer there and once we met so did I. We have so many wonderful memories together and with our family at the lake house. We wanted to add our wedding memories to this special place as well.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. We loved our beautiful and delicious wedding cake make by my aunt complete with cute cake toppers made by my good friend Randi. 

2. We tied the Lumineer’s song “Ho Hey” throughout our invites and wedding. We placed one bottle of red with a picture of Nick when he was little and one bottle of white with a picture of me when I was little with our favorite lyrics from the song.

3. We decided that in lieu of a unity candle that we would bring our family and friends together with a group reading. Everyone recited a promise to love and support us through all the days of our marriage. It was very special to feel so loved and supported by everyone we cared about most.

3. Give us the one moment in your wedding day you can’t stop thinking about. 

We closed our ceremony with a “reading” from one of our best friends. He read the lyrics to one of our favorite songs “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis. As people began to figure out what the reading was from, there were some smiles and an indication of the fun that was in store for the next few hours. After we kissed our DJ started playing “Power of Love” as we walked back down the aisle while our friends and family tossed rainbow jimmies. It was the perfect combination of heartfelt, hilarious, and fun. We loved it.