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If you got married in the past few months, you may be experiencing a very real condition known as wedding withdrawal. The symptoms include obsessively looking at your wedding photos, wearing your veil around the house when you’re home alone, and checking to make sure that the top tier of your cake is still in the freezer (and maybe sneaking a taste). However, there is a cure for this condition – it’s all about paying it forward!

Take a few minutes to review your wedding vendors on WeddingWire to help recently engaged couples plan their weddings. You’ll not only be doing a good deed, but you’ll get a free gift, too! If you write two reviews before October 20th, we’ll send you a promo code that you can redeem for a free 8 x 10 easy canvas print. Get a print of your favorite wedding photo to help you relive your amazing wedding day and snap out of that post-wedding funk. Think of it as a wedding present from us.

Is your wedding coming up soon? You can write reviews for your wedding dress, invitation, favor and jewelry vendors and get the free gift as well!

So whether you’re married or engaged, congratulations – and help other engaged couples find their perfect vendors by writing reviews!

Wedding Idea: Nonflower Centerpieces

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 20, 2010

If you’re trying to do something a little different for your centerpieces, Martha Stewart Weddings just posted these awesome non-flower centerpieces.   And most of them are DIY!

WeddingWire attends Blair House Event!

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 12, 2010
weddingwire_Tim at Blair House

WeddingWire CEO, Timothy Chi and Martha Stewart at the Blair House, December 2009

CEO, Timothy Chi, and his wife, Tracey, were out and about during the Holidays!  They attended the State Department Reception at the Blair House (the President’s Guest House)  in downtown Washinton, DC.  Martha Stewart was one of six lifestyle magazines asked to help decorate the house for this wonderful event that honored families of government employees working overseas.

As an added bonus, Tim and Tracey also got to meet Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schu from Glee)!

weddingwire_Tim at Blair House2

WeddingWire CEO, Timothy Chi, Glee's Matthew Morrison, and Tracey Chi

Check out some of the rooms decorated by Martha Stewart and her expert crafters!

Gilded Oak-Leaf Wreath, Martha Stewart

Gilded Oak-Leaf Wreath, Martha Stewart

Copper Tinsel Tree, Martha Stewart

Copper Tinsel Tree, Martha Stewart

Original Blair House Miniature, Martha Stewart

Original Blair House Miniature, Martha Stewart

Festive Candy Mantel, Martha Stewart

Festive Candy Mantel, Martha Stewart

(Photos courtesy of, to see more photos from this event, click here)

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Jeffra on Dec 23, 2009


WeddingWire DIY Wine Glasses

Posted by Jeffra on Dec 22, 2009

A few members of the WeddingWire Team exercised their creativity last week by designing wine glasses!

Some of us truly enjoyed the use of glitter, while others truly showcased their artistic talents.  Either way, we are all very proud of each of our glasses!


WeddingWire Wine Glass Collection



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