6 Ways To Plan Your Wedding From Your Phone

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 29, 2014



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In our tech-reliant society, it’s possible to do just about anything from our phones. From shopping to talking face-to-face with someone thousands of miles away, everything is possible! So why not plan your special day right from the palm of your hands? With these 6 ways to plan a wedding from your phone, you’ll never need to use a computer for wedding planning again!

10 Things Your Wedding Website Needs (Right Now!)

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 25, 2014



Design Inspired by WeddingWire

Creating a wedding website is one of the most important first steps of wedding planning. Why? Because it serves as the hub of information, so guests won’t have to call, text, or email if they misplace their invitation, forgot where you registered, or even worse, get lost on their way to and from the ceremony and reception. (Hello, there is such a thing as a GPS.) Before you set it live, make sure you have these 10 things included.

20 Super-Cool Modern Wedding Website Designs

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 31, 2014


Design Inspired by Jean M

In case you didn’t know, WeddingWire recently re-launched ALL of their wedding website designs! Perfect timing for those who recently got engaged, right? If you’re starting to plan a contemporary wedding, choose one of these modern wedding website designs. From geometric patterns and big, bold fonts, you’ll be able to find one that suits your personal style. View more here or customize your FREE wedding website today!


free wedding websites

Creating your wedding website is one of the most important first steps of wedding planning –  your wedding website sure to become your guests’ go-to source for all of your wedding information and details. And now, WeddingWire has made designing a personalized wedding website even easier with our revamped wedding website tool! Check out these exciting new features we’re sure you’ll love:

Mobile and Tablet Friendly: Each of our free wedding websites will be available in a new, stacked layout that’s easier to navigate on a mobile or tablet device for your guests on the go!

More Wedding Website Designs to Choose From: Whether your style is rustic, vintage, classic, glamorous, beachy or totally unique, we’ve got a gorgeous website design for you (yup, there are over 400 to choose from)! Don’t forget to personalize your website by customizing the colors and fonts to match your wedding theme and color palette. For an even more personalized site, you can use your engagement photo as a backdrop!

Better Website Editor: We’ve made it easier than ever to edit and update the text on your wedding website. You can even work on your website text behind the scenes and publish when you’re ready to share!

Ready to create your personalized wedding website? Get started by checking out our free wedding website templates here!

Wedding Websites from Wedding Wire

Posted by apple on Mar 08, 2013

Hi Garden!  One of the highlights of my wedding planning process was creating my then fiance (now hubby!) and my wedding website.  There’s plenty of sites to chose from and I looked at quite a few until I came across a design that caught my eye and vision for our wedding.  With tons of different looks and layouts to chose from, WeddingWire’s free websites for couples are super user-friendly and also easy enough for your guests to view and interact with.  I was able to chose already made up categories and create some of my own as well.  I particularly liked the fact that your favorite music of choice could be added to a playlist that would play as soon as a viewer brought up our site.  You can see the site I created here, simple yet exactly what we wanted!

via WeddingWire

What’s also cool is that these websites have matching wedding invitations as well. WeddingWire has thought of everything!  If you haven’t decided which wedding website host to go with, I’d definitely check them out!