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Creating your wedding website is one of the most important first steps of wedding planning –  your wedding website sure to become your guests’ go-to source for all of your wedding information and details. And now, WeddingWire has made designing a personalized wedding website even easier with our revamped wedding website tool! Check out these exciting new features we’re sure you’ll love:

Mobile and Tablet Friendly: Each of our free wedding websites will be available in a new, stacked layout that’s easier to navigate on a mobile or tablet device for your guests on the go!

More Wedding Website Designs to Choose From: Whether your style is rustic, vintage, classic, glamorous, beachy or totally unique, we’ve got a gorgeous website design for you (yup, there are over 400 to choose from)! Don’t forget to personalize your website by customizing the colors and fonts to match your wedding theme and color palette. For an even more personalized site, you can use your engagement photo as a backdrop!

Better Website Editor: We’ve made it easier than ever to edit and update the text on your wedding website. You can even work on your website text behind the scenes and publish when you’re ready to share!

Ready to create your personalized wedding website? Get started by checking out our free wedding website templates here!

While I am planning a destination wedding I am also planning an elaborate vacation for around 40 people. This includes flights, accommodations, activities, sightseeing, meals, transportation, and everything else you might get from a full blown tour guide. Except I am a bride, in a pretty white dress with a whole bunch else going on at the same time.

A wedding website is possibly the easiest way to keep guests up to date with your wedding events. The hard part is getting guests to keep up with the website.

I LOVE our Wedding Website!

Posted by maga on May 07, 2010

I think I’ve visited our wedding website over 100 times. In a previous post I expressed the extensive research I did before I made a decision on which provider to use. Wedding Wire is it! I am very pleased with the product and proud to show a couple of images.

This is the main page and I think it’s lovely. I found a template that is not exactly the tiffany blue color, but so delicate that I fell in love with it. The main page is just as important as any other part of your wedding website. You’re introducing your guests to so much information, that setting the stage with joy and excitement will encourage them to go through the whole site.


You can also be creative and not necessarily have to follow the cookie cutter wedding website template. Towie Bear and I decided to design a Q & A about us. Since our theme is the blending of two cultures, we thought that this part would be a fantastic way to depict our personalities.

Sharing Photos

Posted by bridalbuds on Jun 07, 2009

I really want to be able to see the guests’ photographs from the wedding.  I am sure that our professional photographs will be gorgeous, but the guest photographs I’ve seen from other weddings really help to tell a fuller story.  I mean, our friends and family can be a bunch of goof balls, and I don’t want to miss seeing that!  These days, it seems like everyone has their digital cameras with them at weddings.

So Lotus Dude and I have decided that we’re going to create an account at a website like Flickr or Snapfish where everyone can upload the photographs from our wedding.  I’m again turning to Vistaprint for printing the cards.


Educating your Dude- Part II

Posted by bridalbuds on Jun 04, 2009

I am a fan of educating your Dude, but I’ve discovered a website for grooms that I find totally heinous and offensive, yet incredibly funny and I even think it offers some accurate insights… And that gem of a website is Doomed Grooms.



This website is not for the faint of heart or hopeless romantics, according to their mission statement, Doomed Grooms is meant to paint a bleak picture of married life in order to help men develop a more realistic expectation instead of the overly romanticized version many folks might cling to.