Guest Post by Anne Chertoff

Iconic stationery company Crane & Co. released a number of new designs that stray from the traditional ecru card with small black fonts. Bright colors, bold lettering and mixing of sans serif and serif fonts, laser-cut detailing and die-cut cards were fresh additions to the Crane & Co. Wedding I Album. The new designs will be available starting in July 2012 at retailers around the country.

Engraved Fifth Avenue Fete Wedding Suite by Crane & Co.
Photo courtesy of Crane & Co.

Vintage Santa! Photo:
Original Santa Claus IllustrationThomas Nash is credited with creating our popular image of Santa Clause. This 1865 drawing from Harper’s Weekly shows what Christmas traditions were like 140 years ago. Photo: Son of the


Dear Santa!

Oh, that famous Christmas salutation will be written a million times over in our worldwide countdown march to midnight December 24th!

Our Dear Santa epistle is a short-list of our current material wishes, hopes culminating in a not so-humble revelation of how good we were this year, and glowing promises for the next. Whether we printed it on pre-fab Santa-paper at four years old, wrote it at nine years in our best mid-century Palmer Method handwriting, or penned it, tongue-in-cheek at twenty, we know that writing St. Nick has a charm of its own and brings out, in full pageantry, our Christmas spirit.

What note should the 2012 bride write Santa?

The Most Useful Wedding Gift We’ve Received So Far

Posted by bridalbuds on Apr 04, 2011

Last weekend, Apple Sauce’s amazing parents threw us an engagement party. We had a fantastic time! Dinner, dancing, cupcakes and all of our friends and family in one place, celebrating with us. The whole thing was the perfect appetizer for the Main Event in September. I hope it whet our guests’ appetites for what’s to come as much as it did ours.

What was especially awesome was people brought gifts! We were completely floored by how generous our families were, and we are so very grateful. This post is about one gift in particular, one that proves the old adage, “It’s the thought that counts.”

Credit: vermilionstarpress /

Elegant Coastal Real Wedding

Posted by tgkdesigns on Dec 28, 2010

With the weather outside so frightful, I thought I’d share some warm and wonderful photos with you from a recent October wedding in the lovely beach town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The Green Kangaroo’s designers worked closely with Kelley and BJ to create original artwork inspired by the island’s famed lighthouse. The result was an elegant, sophisticated take on this seaside landscape that incorporated a great coastal vibe without feeling too “theme-y.”

Should I Hire a Calligrapher?

Posted by tgkdesigns on Dec 22, 2010

While printed addresses are gaining tremendously in popularity, there remains something special and timeless about a hand-addressed envelope encasing a wedding invitation.  But other than the obvious benefit of having lovely handwriting gracing your wedding invitations, brides often wonder what benefits there might be to hiring a calligrapher.

Photo courtesy of Calligraphy by Carrie

Carrie Shuping, a fabulous calligrapher based in Raleigh, North Carolina, says the time saved by using a calligrapher can be tremendously worthwhile for a busy bride.  “I’ve had many clients who initially intended to do their own addressing,” Carrie says.  “But once they began, they realized what a huge task it is to address formal invitations correctly – and more importantly, beautifully.”