5 Photos You Won’t Want to Miss For Your Wedding

Posted by csancho on Sep 15, 2014

One of the biggest things a bride doesn’t want to skimp on is her wedding photography. So, it is important to shop around photographers, see samples of their work, AND find out what they like to focus on or what fun ideas they would have for your wedding. Alongside having the right photographer, there are a couple of shots that you will not want to miss. It is going to be one of the biggest events in your life; capture it.

Photos You Won’t Want to Miss For Your Wedding

1) Getting Ready – The hanging dress.  This is one of the more artistic shots that you can get and it is an important one because it is catching that quiet moment as a bride-to-be becomes a bride. It is like capturing that quick moment before you leap and you pull in that quick excited and nervous breath. Additionally, it let’s you feature your beautiful wedding dress without any distractions.

WeddingCollectibles Blog: A Tiffany Blue Country Real Wedding -McKenna & Vince

Wedding Collectibles Blog: A Tiffany Blue Country Real Wedding -McKenna & Vince

The Wedding Experience Featuring The Birchwood Manor

Posted by aruchaevsky on Jan 01, 2014

Whenever I sit with a couple, I love to hear why they selected their venue. Sometimes it connects back to an experience the couple had, or it could be the location the bride or groom had always dreamed of. In the end, each couple wants the best location for an incredible experience.

After all, a wedding is among the most unique experiences one can have.

This is why Kelly and Kris selected the elegant Birchwood Manor located amidst 20 beautifully groomed acres of terraces, fountains, and stunning landscapes, which never stop lending themselves to perfect wedding photo backdrops.

An East Meets West Wedding

Posted by aruchaevsky on Nov 01, 2013

What happens when you have a bride and groom raised in the United States while trying to preserve their traditional Hindu roots?

A meeting of East and West, and a universal celebration of a wedding.

Mehul and Nina wanted to honor their rich Hindu culture while also enjoying a western style reception, which couples have become accustomed to in the Northeast.

Starting with bridal preparation: the dresses, a Lehenga Saree, Banarsi Saree or Salwar Kameez, is more ornate that your western wedding dress and is often bright in colors opposite of the traditional white wedding dress. Nina’s reception dress was white and beautifully displayed the intricate henna tattoo work done the evening before the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, it’s the normal hair and makeup. Unlike a traditional western wedding, a Hindu bride will often have to sit for hours the day prior to her wedding for the Henna tattoos, which is a part of the Mehndi ceremony. It symbolizes the deep loving bond between husband and wife.

Adorned with jewelry made of 28k gold and encrusted with a plethora of eye popping jewels, the bride is ready for the Hindu wedding ceremony.

A Hindu wedding has many variations based on which community or region in India your family originated from. The groom also dawns the traditional attire for a Hindu wedding as the Baraat takes center stage with a horse and family precession.

The Baraat is the bride and groom’s wedding procession. In North Indian communities, it is customary for the groom to travel to the wedding venue on a mare accompanied by his family members.

Once the traditional Indian ceremonies are complete, the bride and groom slip into something with a bit more Western influence for their reception at the Imperia.

Nina’s beautiful lace dress is a perfect mix of a traditional Indian wedding Saree, and a modern, white Western wedding dress.

The Imperia played host to Nina and Mehul’s reception with exquisite food and decor fit for an East meets West wedding.

The end result? A seamlessly blend of Hindu wedding traditions and Indian culture with Western influences leading to a unique wedding ceremony and reception, and yet another new couple ready to start their lives as husband and wife.

The Difference in a Photo Booth

Posted by aruchaevsky on Sep 11, 2013

Since our studio decided to offer photo booths, we have learned a great deal. Certain tips can help influence a couples decision when shopping for a photo booth for their wedding day.

As most couples know there are a few consistencies which all photo booth services must provide. If you are shopping a photo booth company, and they do not offer at least the minimum than you may want to look elsewhere.

Must-have list:

1.     Multiple printed strips for each photo session. (This will allow you to leave one image for the couple, sometimes in a scrap book, and keep one image as a keepsake.)

2.     Multiple poses, printed for each photo session. Just about everyone you know will tell you that when they take a picture in a photo booth, they expect to take at least 3-4 pictures, which should be printed on a strip. The 4th spot in some cases is reserved for the wedding date, custom logo or monogram.

3.     Black and white photographs and color photographs. (Most photo booths offer a variety of image options; however, at minimal, it should offer both black and white, as well as color images.

4.     Attendant(s). This is imperative in the event the photo booth is not functioning properly.

The rest falls into a wide field of variety.

The Cocktail Style Wedding Trend

Posted by aruchaevsky on Jun 28, 2013

As new wedding venues make their way to the front of the bridal reception wish list, locations such as vineyards, museums and train stations are among a few of the trend-setters. In this post, we will focus on one a trend that our studio is seeing more and more–the cocktail style wedding..

This trend shies away from the norm, offering no formal dining option for the guests. Instead, the guest will enjoy a 6 -hour cocktail hour with an open bar and a lounge-like experience. Few locations provide that kind of setting, especially as a beach for its backdrop, but the Avenue at Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey does just that. The Avenue is not only a hotspot among the locals but also a well sought after location for the “untraditional” wedding venue.