46 Peony Floral Arrangements We Can’t Resist

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 27, 2014


Photos (from left to right): Candace Jeffery Photography

Have you ever heard of a polar vortex? Well, it’s been a mere 20 degrees with wind chills at WeddingWire HQ this past week. Not to mention a snow storm! Our editorial team has been dreaming about spring and all the pretty flowers that are about to bloom, especially peonies. Check out some of our favorite bouquets here.

Tall Centerpiece Inspiration

Posted by Alexandra on Nov 05, 2013


Photo courtesy of: STEMS Floral Design

As the focal point of your decor, your centerpieces heavily influence the overall look of your wedding reception. So make them count! Go with towering glass cylinders, soaring ceramic vases, or grand candelabras with your floral arrangements for an instant dose of drama and elegance. Check out our gallery of some favorite tall centerpieces for inspiration!


10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Florist

Posted by Alexandra on Oct 28, 2013


Photo by Kristen Penner Photography

Fresh, fabulous florals are an essential component of your wedding decor, so you want to be sure you’re in good hands! Before signing a contract, make sure you have these ten key questions covered:

1. Do you have a signature style? There are various styles of floral design, and different florists work with different methods. If you’re going for a traditional look and your florist describes her style as modern and trendy, for example, it may not be the best fit.

2. Can you help me determine which flowers would be best for my wedding? There are many factors –  the season, your color scheme, your budget, your style, whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, and the the length of your event, for example – to consider when choosing which flowers will be best for your wedding. Make sure your florist can help you cover all these bases.

3. Do you have any suggestions for maximizing my floral budget? Florists often have helpful tips and tricks to help clients get the most bang for their buck. If a florist is able to offer some great suggestions you hadn’t considered, you know you’ve found a winner.

4. Do you have a portfolio of your work? Looking through photographs of floral arrangements they have done for previous weddings will give you a good sense of their style and whether their vision is aligned with yours.

5. Will you provide sketches or mockups of my arrangements? It’s important that you are able to get an accurate visual of the floral arrangements you’ve discussed before the big day and that any tweaks and changes can be accommodated.

6. Do you provide additional decor items? >Some florists have decor items like vases, columns, votives, arches and candelabras available for rent. Find out whether this option will be available through your florist or whether you will need to rent decorative items from an outside company. 

7. How many weddings or events will you book on the weekend of my wedding? Make sure your florist doesn’t have so much on her plate that she can’t give your event adequate time and attention.

8. How will the flowers be delivered and handled? Find out when the flowers will be delivered, how they will be packaged, where and how they will be stored, how they will be transported to your venue, and what setup will entail. You’ll also want to know whether there are extra fees for these services.

9. Will you be the one designing the flowers on my wedding day? This may seem obvious, but confirm that the person you are working with will actually be the one on site the day of. You don’t want any surprises!

10. Who will be responsible for breaking down and taking the arrangements away at the end of the reception? Don’t just assume the florist will be in charge of removing the arrangements from the venue once the celebration wraps up. Make sure there is a solid breakdown plan in place and that it has been relayed to your venue. 

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers

Posted by Alexandra on Oct 02, 2013


Photo: Luminaire Images

Gorgeous wedding flowers don’t have to come with an over-the-top price tag. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you work with your florist to create stunning floral arrangements for less.

1. Prioritize – Determine which aspects of your floral decor are most important to you and allocate your funds accordingly. You may have your heart set on a more elaborate bride bouquet but not be as particular about your aisle markers, for example.

2. Stay in Season – Importing out-of-season blooms can get pretty pricey. If you’re tying the knot in October, dahlias and mums are going to be far more budget-friendly than say, tulips or peonies. Opt for locally grown, in-season blooms to keep costs at bay.

3. Supplement with Unique Accents – Mixing in creative, non-floral materials is a cost effective way to add volume, texture and dimension to your arrangements. Popular choices include cotton, feathers, berries, wheat, paper flowers, curly willow, pinecones and moss.

4. Use Greenery – Greens like ferns, ivy, herbs and ornamental grasses are perfect for filling out floral arrangements without breaking the bank. Top picks include banana leaves, eucalyptus, dusty miller, lambs ear, sword fern and lily grass.

5. Multi-Purpose – Plan arrangements that can easily be used at both your ceremony and your reception, even if they are taking place in separate venues. You might have two large arrangements placed atop pillars near the altar at the ceremony and then transported to a welcome table or place card table for the reception, for example.



Top 10 Unique Wedding Decor Ideas

Posted by Alexandra on Aug 26, 2013

Whether it’s putting a fresh spin on the little details or incorporating bold statement pieces, putting a little extra thought and creativity into your wedding decor will go a long way in making your special day yours. Here are our top ten unique ideas to inspire your wedding decor:

1. Outdoor Ceremony Entrance


Photos: Taylor Lord