15 Times Wedding Decor Was So Beautiful It Made Us Cry

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 05, 2014


Photo Courtesy of: Pink Parasol Designs and Coordinating 

There will ALWAYS be tears (happy and sad) at a wedding. Whether we are witnessing a father walk down his eldest daughter down the aisle, listening to a couple recite handwritten vows, dancing along to a surprise performance by the maid of honor, or yes, even drooling over the entire ambiance of the venue, our Decor Editor has rounded up a series of sences so stunning they actually choked us up a bit. Beware: grab the tissues now!

When you start planning a wedding, there are some typical questions that eager onlookers will ask you. One of which being what kind of flowers you will have. So, even if flowers are not your number one focus, they are always going to be on that checklist of decisions to make. When deciding what flowers you want, you will need to pay attention to what is in season, the symbolism, the color scheme, and price, but what happens when floral is the theme? Then you are going to be paying attention to how to incorporate that floral design in the details of your wedding.

The Bridal Bouquet …. of course.

Bridal Guide - Creative Bridal Bouquets

It may seem like a duh to point out that you should feature a floral design in a flower bouquet, but the point I want to emphasize is that the bridal bouquet is a focal point to the wedding and more particularly the floral tone. Thus, the bouquet should feature the main flower (or flowers) that you are using as the center stage or focal flower. Also, this means that you will want to and almost need to make that bouquet a piece of art or beauty. The above bouquet is a great example of someone utilizing a flower’s shape and color to create a cohesive floral look that can either enhance any wedding theme, or can act as a base of the light and fresh floral theme.

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer


The flower girl does seem like another obvious choice to add in that flower detail, but what about the ring bearer? A floral designed pillow is a great way to tie in that floral theme. The lily inspired ringer bearer pillow on the right is great because its design is a little more abstract, making it a less obtuse way of scattering that floral design throughout the wedding ceremony. If you want something a little more literal, a bearer pillow like the one on the right from Wedding Star would be an equally lovely choice.


Tall Centerpiece Inspiration

Posted by Alexandra on Nov 05, 2013


Photo courtesy of: STEMS Floral Design

As the focal point of your decor, your centerpieces heavily influence the overall look of your wedding reception. So make them count! Go with towering glass cylinders, soaring ceramic vases, or grand candelabras with your floral arrangements for an instant dose of drama and elegance. Check out our gallery of some favorite tall centerpieces for inspiration!


Our Favorite Wedding Decor Trends for 2014

Posted by Alexandra on Sep 23, 2013

As this year’s wedding season winds down, we’re finding ourselves looking ahead to what’s in store for 2014. We always keep our eyes open for the next big thing, and sifting through gorgeous photos of real weddings day after day has given us some great insight on what’s to come. This week, we’ll be sharing some of the emerging wedding trends we can expect to see a lot more of in 2014. Let’s start off with a look at what’s hot in wedding decor!

Mix and Match – We’re seeing event stylists move away from the matchy-matchy, uniform style in favor of a much more eclectic decor scheme. Mixing elements of contrasting styles creates a look that’s fresh and truly unique. You might pairing sleek white lounge furniture with side tables made of stacked vintage suitcases, for example, or rustic wooden tables paired with modern ghost chairs.

the-nichols-2Photo: The Nichols Studio.

Top 10 Unique Wedding Decor Ideas

Posted by Alexandra on Aug 26, 2013

Whether it’s putting a fresh spin on the little details or incorporating bold statement pieces, putting a little extra thought and creativity into your wedding decor will go a long way in making your special day yours. Here are our top ten unique ideas to inspire your wedding decor:

1. Outdoor Ceremony Entrance


Photos: Taylor Lord