…Something Blue.

Posted by aruchaevsky on May 20, 2011

“Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

In this post we will focus on one of the hottest wedding colors, Blue.

A Colorful Wedding Without A Color Scheme

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 21, 2011

On at least five separate occasions, I’ve been asked, “What are your wedding colors?” And the truth is, we don’t have any. Which is not to say that our wedding will be void of color — in fact, quite the opposite is true — but at no point did we sit down and pick a two- or three-color scheme for our wedding.

Is that so shocking?

Yes, apparently it is.

Instead, the guiding aesthetic principle for our wedding is: jewel tones. We’re getting married in a stately private club that is already outfitted with rich wood accents, gilded chandeliers and magnificent stained glass windows. It has so much personality going for it already, we thought committing to an arbitrary three-color scheme would just look and feel forced.

Color Me Married

Posted by violet on Sep 15, 2010

When Violet Dude and I started planning our wedding, one of our first projects was figuring our our color scheme. We knew we wanted a vintage/shabby chic type feeling, and I love muted earth tones. I saw a tiny little picture in a Bridal magazine, of a bouquet that used peach peonies and lambs ear and knew exactly what kind of colors we’d be using.  While looking at Bridesmaid’s dresses, I stumbled upon the perfect color. Dusty Shale (From J. Crew).  After that our scheme came together. We now have the Dusty Shale as the main color with pinks, yellows, peaches and greys all flowing through in the details.  These colors fit our theme and make us happy!

I have noticed that so many brides are going with very similar color themes.  Ive been seeing a lot of aqua and white, lilac and cream, and pink and brown. But there are some new color combinations that are becoming more popular and really make a statement.

Red and Aqua with an Ivory accent

Two Totally Different Takes on The Same Color Scheme

Posted by acursaro on Jun 24, 2010

Many brides fall in love a certain color scheme only to feel that it’s particular to a certain style or season – like blue and silver for a winter wedding or cotton candy pink with teal for a funky designed day.  Well, I’m here to prove that it’s not always the case!  I took a color palette of oranges and greens and put them to work in two totally different inspiration boards – the first fun and modern, the other classy and elegant.  It’s all in the details!!


Row One:  Green Dresses with Bridesmaid Bouqut Image by Ellie Grover Photography; Invitation Photo from 100 Layer Cake
Row Two:  Sushi Image Captured by Carrie Patterson Photography; Bridal Shoes Photo by Jonilyn Photography; “Just Married” Banner Image from 100 Layer Cake
Row Three:  Bride and Groom Photo by bobbi + mike; Wedding Sign Captured by Garrett Nudd Photography
Row One:  My Sweet & Saucy Cake;  Invitation Suite by Brown Sugar Design Studio
Row Two:  Bouquet Image by Brandy J Photography; Bride and Groom Image from Green Wedding Shoes
Row Three:  Chair Detail from Sunday Suppers; Shoe Photo by Nely Photo; Green Pomander Image from Cocktails & Details

Wedding Colors

Posted by lilac on May 17, 2010

Never in my life has color mattered to me so much than now. The closest I’ve ever come to caring about color before was when I decided to paint my bedroom purple at age 12.


Lilac Dude and I are planning a blue and green spring wedding. I’m not sure those colors can be pulled off at any other time of year. Originally, I had a beautiful black and white wedding planned with blue flowers. However elegant that would have been, I got really sentimental when my friend said, “it just doesn’t seem like you unless it’s green.”