A Back to “Real Life” Post-Wedding Checklist

Posted by csancho on Mar 07, 2014

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Wedding bells. Flower petals. Dancing lights. Stars. Romance. All in one day is a whirl wind of fun, affection, and sharply focused enthusiasm. After that day, and even after the honeymoon, you will be settling into life again, but this time with a partner in crime! So, because wedding planning doesn’t seem to stop at “I do”, here is a quick checklist to help new couples gain there footing in post-wedding chaos and changes.

New Years Resolution: “Don’t Turn Into A Bridezilla While Planning my Wedding”

Every year marks a new beginning, a new chance to set new goals and the great possibility of reaching them. When you get married, it is a new beginning to; it is the start of a new life, a new adventure. We want you to enter into this new adventure with a cool head, positive feelings, and minimal stressors. New year resolutions are often seen as a chance to shed off the bad parts of the previous year, but just like what happens before the new year doesn’t magically disappear, what happens before your marriage doesn’t magically disappear. Angry words, breakdowns, and frustrated fighting can leak into the relationships you have with your spouse, family members, in-laws, and friends after the wedding. Apologies can be made,and time can heal, but wouldn’t be better if bridges weren’t burnt in the first place? So, as you enter into this new year, and the stage of planning your wedding, make this resolution of not turning into a stressed out, easily angered, Bridezilla. Make it and then keep it by creating a plan and using resources designed to keep you stress-free and happy.

1. Start by reading up on the wedding planning process. 

Reading articles like this, and the many others found here on WeddingAces and our Wedding Collectibles Blog is a great place to start because it will help you familiarize yourself with all the little details that goes into planning a wedding and start you off with creative ideas on how to get it done; giving you not only the what, but also a how. Once you start getting ideas and a more tangible grounding on what it is that goes into planning a wedding, then you can start your crazed planning journey.

2. Make your life easier by getting organized.

Some brides will use checklists to keep track of all of the things they need to do before their big day. Resources like WeddingWire’s free planning tools are great for keeping yourself organized during the chaos of wedding planning.

Figure out your checklist based on the timeline you have to plan. Is your wedding date in a year? 6 months? 3 months? Don’t know? Stop. Figure that out and then start planning. If you don’t have an end point you can’t figure out what pace your planning needs to go.

3. Use a checklist and wedding binder

Something else that is useful alongside a wedding checklist is creating a wedding binder. This will help you keep all of your information together in one place that is easy to take with you as you visit vendors and venues. Some people will keep everything online with the intention of easy access online. This could work to, but often it is easier to keep a clear mind and focus, when you don’t have the temptation of any easy click to Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media time sucking websites. When creating a wedding binder create dividers to help organize the info in you binder.  It is easiest to do it in categories like photographer, cake, reception, caterer, wedding dress, etc. The Well-Organized Woman (wow) has some great recommendation on how to categorize your binder. Whatever you do, just do whatever it is that keeps your thoughts organized and your mind sane.

4. Take a day off

Just like with work, school, cleaning the house, gardening, and doing pretty much anything, you will need to take a break. This is a great time to go with your fiance out on a romantic date, have a relaxing mother daughter day, or a girls day with your best friend, all with one rule: No wedding talk (Unless it is girlish giggles of being oh so excited).

The Importance of Working with a Checklist

Posted by maga on Feb 19, 2010
Photo from russell+hazel

Photo from russell+hazel

My wedding (and yours too!) is no doubt the most important occasion and phase of my (our) life (lives). I have many things on my plate right now (i.e. work, diet, puppy, home, fiancé, wedding, etc). I am doing numerous things and all I want is for my day to be special and unique. That’s why I carry so much weight on the important of having a wedding checklist. Do you have one? A checklist allows me to achieve all of the work that’s involving in planning my marriage with Towie Bear. I know this doesn’t sound romantic especially when I use the work “job”, but if you want everything to run smoothly and have a minimum amount of surprises on your Big Day, I encourage you to consider working with a checklist.

10 Things To Do The Day Before Your Wedding

Posted by csancho on Dec 01, 2009


The day you have dreamed about since you were a little girl is just one day away and you have a million and one things are racing through you mind.  The squeamish, overwhelmed, and excited feeling you are experiencing in the last hours leading up to the big day is all completely normal.  You know that there is soo much you need to do before you finally can step into your gorgeous dress and head down the aisle.  Here is a list of a few reminders that might help you to ease some of your stress and stay calm and collected before the hectic yet exciting day.

My Favorite Thing: To Do Lists

Posted by maga on Nov 13, 2009

You know how much I love checklists. I guess it’s one of my favorite things to write tasks down on a piece of paper and get that feeling of satisfaction when I check it off the famous to do list. I think I found a book that encompasses this passion. The other day I was watching M (Martha Stewart) on my TV and she was interviewing a lady that recently wrote a book titled Lists for Life: The Essential Guide to Getting Organized and Tackling Tough To-Dos.

I found this image of Rory Tahari through Life.com (Photo taken by Neilson Barnard, Getty Images)

I found this image of Rory Tahari through Life.com (Photo taken by Neilson Barnard, Getty Images)

Rory Tahari is the author of this book and she is also the Vice Chairmain/Creative Director for Elie Tahari which is known as a lifestyle brand that designs clothing for men and women. The title of this book got implanted into my brain and I searched for it in the Internet. And as I suspected, it has a checklist for planning a wedding! I consider this a treat. Her book is not only aiming towards wedding since it has many other lists that even newlyweds can consider using such as: buying a house; traveling abroad, etc.