Grooms Looks We Love

Posted by Alexandra on Apr 18, 2013

Clockwise from top left: Amelia Soper Photography, Chelsea Elizabeth Photography, Continuum Wedding PhotographyDavid Schwartz Photography, Christa Elyse Photography

Brides aren’t the only ones seeking a little style inspiration for the big day. Today we’ve rounded up some of our very favorite looks for those dashing grooms!

Classic black tuxedo – A groom can truly do no wrong in a pressed white tux shirt and a single breasted, one-button jacket. So handsome!

Gray suit with black bow tie – A refreshing take on the traditional. The pop of color in the boutonniere adds an unexpected element to this crisp, clean look.

Three piece suit – We love the textured light gray paired with a matching satin tie, a crisp white pocket square and a simple boutonniere.

Charcoal suit with dark vest and patterned bow tie – The blue plaid adds interest and a subtle air of vintage style.

Striped dress shirt and pastel tie – Paired with a light, neutral suit and shades, this is a perfect look for an outdoor wedding.

Veil or No Veil?

Posted by rose on Jan 03, 2013

Let’s be honest, like many girls all over the world, I have imagined my dream wedding in my head many times. I have always had a pretty good idea of what I wanted: country wedding, outside, summertime, gorgeous white dress and red roses, and I have always had a vision of what I would kind of be wearing on my special day: a dress with no veil.

When Rose Dude asked me to marry him, and I took to the web to find ideas for my wedding and started looking for wedding dresses and specifics, I found myself drawn to one certain thing that I was completely sworn off of–a veil!

As far as I am aware, there is no rule to wearing a veil that you have to, and many brides don’t anymore. Veils remind me of something old-fashioned and some of the new styles I just flat out think are ridiculous looking. But why is it that I am drawn to this one idea though? I keep coming back to a Catholic style Mantilla veil. I’m not Catholic and am not an extremely religious person, and our ceremony is also going to be non-religious.

To me, this veil thing leads me to think about all of the things that I have dreamt about for so long, and the amount that I have changed in recent years and grown up. Perhaps, my style has changed more than I realized or perhaps, there is just that one thing about my wedding attire that I found is the one exception despite my complete and utter dislike of this piece of apparel.

Anyone else out there have thoughts on this subject?

This is the veil that I have had my mind on for a long time now.

Destination Wedding Guest Attire

Posted by jtrumpower on Aug 20, 2012

Guest Post By Sandy Malone, Weddings in Vieques

Thank goodness the rules for destination wedding attire aren’t the same as the proper etiquette for what to wear, and when to wear it, back in the real world.  That’s a good thing, as the vast majority of destination wedding locations are in warm or tropical climates, and traditional morning coats or tails would likely put half the wedding party into heat stroke before the ceremony is over.  But that doesn’t mean that just because you’re getting married on a beach in the Caribbean that you don’t have any say over what your guests wear to your big day – after all, they’re going to be in your wedding pictures that you will hopefully display for the next 50 years in your home.

And yet, unfortunately, some people misunderstand that a destination wedding is a still a real wedding, and proper attire is still required from beginning to end – meaning you don’t go change into something more casual when you arrive at the reception.  Frankly, I’m appalled at the number of wedding guests – both children and adults – who change clothes at the wedding reception.  The sad thing is this trashy behavior isn’t limited to beach weddings in the Caribbean.  I saw several somebodies change into shorts at a reception in DC not all that long ago and could barely hold my tongue.

And the Grandmas Wore Pink?

Posted by lilac on Apr 14, 2011

Dress shopping is a really big thing for everyone involved in the wedding except me right now. All of the other ladies related to my wedding are freaking out about finding the right dresses. Of course, I have been consulted as to the formality and color scheme, etc…

My mother changed her mind about her original dress and opted for a still very cost effective floor length gold dress with a jacket. It looks lovely on her and was on a super sale for $30… did I mention that we’re bargain shoppers?

Lilac Dude’s mom has a beautiful blue back-up dress in case she doesn’t find something that she loves for our wedding.

His grandmothers have both decided to wear pink. This confuses me because our colors are pistachio green and baby blue (they do look better together than that sounds!). I’ve said all along that I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable or feel like they look stupid, so although pink confuses me, I’ll roll with it.

Ursula of Switzerland dress in pink {Image from Ursula of Switzerland}

Vintage Styled Bridesmaids Dresses by ModCloth

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 25, 2011
I LOVE MODCLOTH.  If you’re having a lot of mix and match bridesmaid dresses, you should come to this place!  There are so many vintage, indie, and eclectic styles dresses that definitely have bridesmaid dress written all over it.  I wish I found this website before I got all my dresses.  Sigh…
What I love about ModCloth is that they sell hundreds of dresses online for relatively decent prices.  They also sell vintage/indie styles clothing lines and accessories.  Here are some bridesmaid potential dresses I found.

I Adore You Dress: $89.99