23 Vintage Chic Centerpiece Ideas

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 20, 2013


Photos (from left to right): Heather Smith Photography

If you’re planning a vintage wedding, your decor has to be sweet and subtle. Our favorite blooms to fill antique silver sets, depression glass vases, milk glass vases, and even mason jars? Garden roses, ranunculuses, baby’s breath, hydrangeas. Don’t forget to add mirrors, frames, and lace doilies too. See more centerpieces here.

DIY Centerpieces

Posted by hchapple on Jul 20, 2009

I have fallen in love with very simple centerpiece designs.  For years I thought bigger is better.  This simply is not so.  It is honestly the creativity behind a design that makes it stand out.  I also thought a piece had to be loaded in flowers to be beautiful.  Several of the above designs do not even have flowers at all.  A great place to start is the family china cabinet.  Hit grandma and grandpa up for vintage items.