Three Unique Valentine’s Day Proposals…so far!

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 14, 2012

Each Valentine’s Day there is someone who goes beyond the limits and proposes in an incredibly unique way. I know we’ll be sharing more of these as the day goes on, but these three proposals (from Australia and London) caught our attention!

1. Cruise Banner in Australia:

The ship, which is the largest to ever visit Australia, sported a banner across the upper deck with the question ‘Marry me Jess?’
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2. Man Proposes in Penquin Pen at London Zoo

{Source: London24}

3. Couple Gets Engaged 300 Meters Above the Ground…

A Valentine’s Day Proposal

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 14, 2012

This idea is so fun! And it doesn’t have to just be for those of you waiting to ask the “will you marry me” question. This is a fun idea if you and your fiance want to do a photo shoot, post engagement, so you have those pictures forever.  And it is Valentine’s Day, so even just inspiration for a romantic picnic in the park (if you’re in a warm part of the world), or a picnic on the floor of your living room! Either way, we loved this and had to share! Happy Day of Love Everyone!

Photographer:  Iliana Morton Photography | Hair Stylist:  San Diego Wedding Hair by Jillian Rae | Event Planner:  Affairs by Amy | Floral Designer:  Petal Punch | Invitation Designer:  Bamboo Star Studio | Bakery:  Calculated Whisk | Location:  Presido Park

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 13, 2012

For those of you doing some last minute Valentine’s Day planning for your loved one, here are a couple of ideas for you!

1. If your sweetheart likes sweets, treat them to a delicious V-day themed cupcake and leave it somewhere that will surprise them.

2. Make breakfast or dinner seem a bit more full of love than normal. Decorate in a cheesy way! Isn’t that what this holiday is all about?

3. The card says, “Valentine’s Night: You, Me, Couch, Kisses, Take Out, Blanket, Snuggles, Champagne, Movie, Sugar, Popcorn, Love.” — this one is self explanatory, and so cute!

4. For those of you who want to be a bit more crafty, find a wooden box (or any box will do), and decorate the outside with a ribbon (or see ideas below). Inside, tape a piece of paper  on the lid with the words, “Our Love Story” inside. Have your loved one fill it over the years with cards you give each other, little notes you’ve left the other one that mean  a lot, concert tickets, plane tickets, photos — whatever tells your love story!

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Victorian Vintage ~ Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 08, 2012

“The goal for this shoot was to give a Victorian Gothic style appeal, set at an old, semi-dilapidated Equestrian Farm. We loved the juxtaposition of Gothic Elegance, Dark Brilliance, Rugged Finery, and Ramshackle Sophistication. Rugged aspects of Leather, roping, and boots, sophisticated shades of Red and Black and delicate textures of Crystal and China were all intentionally paired together for contrasting effect. The mirrored aisle runner played with light, angles, distortions, and drama. While the Florals on the tree captured soft organic lines, looking like they had grown that way naturally. The monochromatic bridal bouquets and centerpieces were modern, but also captured the rich elegance of the era.” –K & S Photography

Five Fabulous Valentine’s Day Cards

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 08, 2012

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