A Merging 2014 Wedding Trend – Unplugged Weddings

Posted by csancho on Aug 27, 2014
Unplugged Wedding

Off Beat Bride - The Unplugged Wedding by ARIEL MEADOW STALLINGS - Photo by Nora & Troy at Aurora-Photography.com

As far as wedding trends go, there are two that are highly influenced by social media and technology. In 2013, there was the surge of #hashtagweddings with cute signs inviting guests to take and link wedding photos with their smart phone.  It makes sense in terms of being sure to have all of your wedding photos saved to the same place, but now in 2014 there is a new trend taking the stage: unplugged weddings.

An unplugged wedding is a wedding where the bride and groom kindly request that guests refrain from using their phones or camera’s during the wedding. The ideology behind this is that they want everyone to be completely present and to experience their wedding first hand – not through a camera screen.

#hashtagwedding versus unplugged: The ideas behind each of these weddings go head to head with an essential issue that is debated on more than one platform, asking are we too dependent on technology? Do we believe, as Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky’s dystopia claims, that the virtual is “better than real”? Or is the real, the moment, irreplaceable by the photographs and video’s we capture? As we dive into social media realizing the benefits it brings, it is important to recognize the cons and perhaps that it does not belong at the moment of your “I do’s”. With a wedding photographer, you and your wedding guest should not worry about capturing your special day on camera -let the photographer worry about that. Enjoy the moment.

How to have an unplugged wedding

  1. Create a cute sign (better than a hashtag) asking your guests to please turn off their phones. This is a simple way to push toward having an unplugged wedding. Guests will typically be willing to follow your wedding whims because they came to see your wedding, not Instagram it. It is just easy to end up on Instagram with your phone at your fingertips. However, just like when you go to see a movie, your guests can survive a couple hours with their phone turned off                                                                                                                                                                                                                     OR
  2. Have a phone check in (like a coat check). It will be important to create an effective system for keeping track of whose phone is whose, but this is a fun way to insure that your guests won’t be Snap chatting or updating their Facebook status as you are tearing up in your vows.

There really won’t be too much to creating an unplugged wedding. It is just a matter of deciding if it is important to you or not. After all, it is your wedding day.

Would you have an “Unplugged” Wedding?

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 19, 2012

Photos (from top to bottom): Jodi Miller Photography and Amber Wilkie Photography

What’s an “unplugged” wedding? This is when a couple asks their guests to turn off all electronic devices, including, cellphones, smart phones and cameras, during their ceremony and reception.

Why do this? Having an “unplugged” wedding allows for the professional photographers and videographers to do their job and allows for your guests to be more present and not be distracted by uploading their own photographs to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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