Romantic Spring Winery Wedding in Illinois

Posted by Kim on Jul 08, 2013

Rachel & James

Belleville, Illinois


Q & A with the Couple:

What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

What sold us on our venue was the beauty of the ceremony site itself, as well as the fact that we could have an outdoor reception a short distance away on the same property. (The facility also had an indoor option as a bad weather back-up, which is something that put our minds at ease while planning our event). The ceremony site at the Weingarten is at the bottom of a large but shallow depression in the ground, so it provides privacy and serenity in a setting of natural beauty. The several large trees that stand around the wedding arch itself provide not only some structure to what is otherwise an open space, but also filter the sun to create patterns of light and shadow that fill the area with a gentle summer ambiance.

Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

Our hand-made, Quaker-style marriage certificate that our guests signed as witnesses to the wedding (and that was produced by Sharon and Steven Schwartz of; the traditional Scottish cup (known as a quaich) that we used as a centerpiece in our ceremony (and that we purchased from; and the powerful and yet subtle way that our themes and colors worked together to create a beautiful and memorable experience for us and for all of our guests. Until we saw it all together, we didn’t know how much our hard work was going to pay off.

Give us the one moment in your wedding day you can’t stop thinking about.

The moment that most stands out in our minds is Rachel coming down the long, unpaved path to the ceremony site on foot. Everyone was expecting her to be driven down in a golf cart, but suddenly there she was—one hand holding her bouquet and the other holding up the bottom of her dress—marching confidently (and quickly!) down the path. She met her father partway down the hill and they walked together. Waiting for her to come closer and more fully into view created a bit of suspense for everyone, and it also put a personal stamp on the ceremony before it even began.