The Royal Wedding: Who Was I Kidding?

Posted by bridalbuds on May 04, 2011

Who was I kidding?

I’ve spent the past six months so tired of hearing about the royal wedding. I didn’t care about what Kate was going to wear or that Will wasn’t wearing a ring. I didn’t care who was invited or who wasn’t invited. I just wanted to stop hearing about it.

Via the British Monarchy Flikr account

I had no intentions of staying up late and watching it. I don’t have a TV so I would have had to find a stream online somewhere and that just wasn’t worth the trouble. But, I might as well have stayed up since I was tossing and turning, stressing out about my own wedding plans. I got up late and the first thing I did was search for wedding recaps online.

And who the hell was I kidding? I LOVE weddings. I don’t care about the flowers, the dress, the center pieces or any other random detail. I love the wedding. I love watching a bride walk down the aisle to meet the man of her dreams, her own personal prince if you will. I always make sure I get a glimpse of the groom because it just lights up my life to see a man express so much love and emotion in his face as he watches his bride walk toward him. I love listening to the vows and seeing the exchange of the rings. I love when something goes slightly wrong and everyone laughs, breaking the seriousness that always comes with a ceremony. I love when the bride cries, but I especially love when the groom cries. I love the moment they are pronounced husband and wife.

1.  Language of Flowers:  The Bridal Bouquet

Royal wedding florist Shane Connolly shared a few days before the wedding that Kate Middleton, now known as Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, wanted her wedding flowers to be natural, seasonal, British and to have meaning.

Following the language of flowers from the Victorian era, the blooms in her bridal bouquet were each chosen because of their meaning:

Lily-of-the-valley: Return of happiness

Sweet William: Gallantry

Hyacinth:  Constancy of love

Ivy: Fidelity; marriage; wedded love; friendship; affection

Myrtle: the emblem of marriage; love.

To find flowers with special meanings visit and talk to your florist about creating bouquets, boutonnieres and floral arrangements that incorporate blooms that “speak” to you and your groom.

2.  The Couple Share a Special Moment at the Altar

When Kate finally reached the altar Prince William leaned over to tell his bride, “You’re beautiful.”  Throughout the ceremony the couple shared loving glances, smiles and a few sweet words.

Don’t forget to steal a few moments throughout your wedding day with your groom after the ceremony and during the reception to share a quick kiss and chat about the wonderful day you’re having.

How Any Bride and Groom Can Have a Royal Wedding

Posted by Guest Blogger on May 02, 2011

After months of planning Kate Middleton and Prince William were pronounced husband and wife in a traditional ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29th.   The “wedding of the century” was watched by two billion people, but the details of the day were very personal to the royal couple.

Here are some of our favorite royal wedding details that you can have at your wedding, no matter what your wedding budget:

~ The Invitation

As the future King and Queen of England, the royal wedding invitation was sent from The Queen’s office to 1,900 guests.  The very formal card was a thick white cardstock with gilded edges and gold lettering.  The Queen’s monogram was engraved on the top of the card.

Crane & Co’s Martha Stewart Crown Invitation is very similar in style.  A crown icon is placed over the couple’s monogram in gold and the edges are gilded.  In addition to the invitation, a response card and envelope set, reception card, save-the-date card, menu card and seating cards are also available.

For pricing information visit

~ The Official Program

The day before the wedding the Palace released the wedding’s official program, which included the complete order of the wedding ceremony, the names of those in the processional, a thank you from Kate Middleton and Prince William, a photo from their engagement portrait session with Mario Testino, a schedule of the day’s events and images of both the Prince’s crest and the Middleton family crest.

Many couples will choose to hand out a wedding program and the attention to detail in the royal couple’s official program is a great place to look for inspiration.’s Banner & Branches wedding program minibooks has three tabbed sections to include the order of the wedding ceremony, who’s who in the bridal party and a thank you from the couple.  There is also space to include photos of the bride and groom.

For pricing information visit

~ Their Monogram

In addition to both Prince William’s crest and the Middleton family crest Prince William and Kate Middleton had a monogram designed that entwined the first letter of each of their names, W and C, along with the image of a crown.  You can see one usage of the monogram on the couple’s wedding cake.

You can work with a graphic designer to create a monogram or check out the designs at  The company offers over 200 monogram designs that you can customize and purchase for as little as $39.95.  You can can feature your monogram on everything from your wedding invitations to favor tags to your wedding cake and even light up your dance floor with it.

Visit to view their complete selection of monograms and for ideas on how to incorporate one into your wedding details.

Royal Wedding Details: Inspiration #4

Posted by Jeffra on Apr 29, 2011

Our designer Emily created another gorgeous board to finalize our Real Wedding inspiration series. Although we all now know what most, if not all, of the amazing Real Royal Wedding details (that is if you were up at 4:30am ET this morning!), I love this board because any bride can create this type of look, royal or not – and she will ultimately feel like a princess on her big day.

Happy Royal Wedding Day Everyone!

Royal Wedding Jewelry Predictions

Posted by jtrumpower on Apr 28, 2011

Guest Blog By Jewelry and Style Expert, Michael O’Connor

Kate Middleton is viewed as one of today’s fashion icons. Like many of today’s modern women she lives a more active lifestyle (rumor has it that she and William even do their own housework).  For her jewelry choices on the big day she’ll probably look to pieces that will be classic and sophisticated yet a little vintage allowing her to wear them again and again. My prediction is that she will go with platinum and diamond stud earrings because she will be able to wear them regularly to both dressy and casual functions. I’m sure, like most brides, she’s also aware that the natural white color of platinum will maximize the fire and brilliance of the diamonds, making them pop but keeping them securely set for a lifetime.