WeddingWire Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 27, 2014


A very, very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the WeddingWire team! Since we’re so thankful for all our readers, we’ve whipped up some seasonally inspired wedding ideas just for you. Take a peek and enjoy! We hope you all have a happy, healthy, and delicious holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving from WeddingWire!

Posted by Jeffra on Nov 24, 2011

Today, all of us give Thanks. Everyone at WeddingWire has several people in their lives who we love and are so grateful for. We are celebrating our 4th Thanksgiving as a company, and that is extremely exciting. We would not be who or where we are without any of the people who are reading this post right now. Brides, Grooms, Wedding Vendors, Mother’s/Father’s of the Bride, etc, we thank you! We hope everyone has a joyous Holiday!

Best Wishes and Many Thanks,

The WeddingWire Team


iThank You is best sent with love via an iPhone on Thanksgiving Day!

iThank You!

Steve Jobs might of thought that one up in his marketing genius, yet, alas, it was I who had this wake up thought this Sunday morning.

Timely, as we make our mad dash, first, to the corner grocery store, farmer’s market, Balducci’s, Rice Epicurean, or, HEB  in Falfurrias, deep in the heart of Texas; and onto a the feast that ends all feasts, that Feast Day: Thanksgiving. No, this is not in the Christian list of annual feast days to honor the saints, yet it is a day to give a prayer of thanks, just in case, it slipped your mind the other 364 days.

The First Thanksgiving

Scholastic: photo, letter

Whether this is your first Thanksgiving and soon to be en route to your future in-laws out-of-state home (35% of the nation is covered in snow, early and rare for most Thanksgiving holidays). Or, just going cross-town to your parent’s house? 2010 Thanksgiving will be one of many holiday gatherings you will share and treasure with your fiancee and families.

Before you depart, glance in your rear view mirror, if you will, back to the autumn of 1621 and the first Thanksgiving celebration by the English Colonists and the Wampanoag. A letter penned by a Pilgrim child, Lizzy, to her dearest Aunt Constance, gives us a glimpse into the real meaning of this national holiday: thanksgiving first, then to feast.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Posted by Jeffra on Nov 24, 2010

We’re always giving you wedding inspiration, but given the Thanksgiving Holiday is tomorrow, I decided to branch out and do a little Holiday inspiration.

Make your Thanksgiving Table one where all of your guests will be happy to be seated.  Bring out the good china and silver (if you don’t have these, mix and match fun colored plates), and have fun with your decorations.   If children are attending – make it easy with paper on their table – it gives them an area to draw, and spill their gravy.  Lastly, make sure to utilize the world around you, go out and gather leaves, acorns, and/or pine cones.

Turkey Napkins: madderroot | Worded Kitchen Towels: lovenatalie | Setting: | Plates: | Wheat Centerpiece: | Children’s Table: | Silver Serving-ware: SycamoreHill