16 Unique Table Number Ideas

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 07, 2014


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Table numbers are an essential reception element: They are usually displayed at the center of each dinner table to help guests identify their assigned seats. But you don’t have to stick to basic (or boring) cards. Instead, use them as an opportunity to build upon your wedding’s overall sense of style. To help you get inspired, our Decor Editor has transformed these ‘tops with unexpected and not to mention affordable ideas such as petite paintings, nail heads, balloons, lucite, buttons, and chains. 

5 Table Number Ideas We Love

Posted by Alexandra on Mar 08, 2013

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Table numbers may serve a practical purpose, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Having a little fun with this detail is a simple, inexpensive way to enhance your reception decor. Add a unique, personal touch with any of these fabulous table number ideas.

Spelled out: Swap numerics for letters for a simple, subtle spin. Just make sure to choose a lettering style that suits your overall motif. Convey a classic feel with fancy script or calligraphy, or go with a bright sans-serif for a playful, modern quality.

Hand painted: Paint numbers on cardstock, wood, tin, or glass to give your tablescape a lighthearted touch.

Part of the centerpiece: You don’t have to create a separate table number – just add a number to the vessel! Combine fashion and function with numbered centerpieces.

Framed: Display table numbers in photo frames that complement your wedding style. Go with a pronounced material like weathered wood or colored enamel, or choose a simple frame and mount the numbers on a fun patterned fabric.

Three-dimensional: Make a statement with freestanding numbers made from cardboard, metal or wood. Paint them to match your color scheme, cover them in fabric or natural material, leave them bare, or mix and match different styles.

Reception Tables: Names or Numbers?

Posted by Kim on Aug 15, 2012

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When thinking about your wedding reception, you’ll need to decide if you’re giving your tables names or numbers. Numbers are the most common, because they’re so clear and easy for guests to see. There are lots of creative ways to incorporate table numbers into your decor – you can use house numbers, topiary numbers, and lots more. Table names can add some personality into a wedding reception – but it’s important to make sure that the names reflect your personality as a couple, whether the tables are named for places you’ve traveled, your favorite hiking trails, dorms at the college you attended together. If you’re spending too much time thinking of creative names for your tables, it’s probably best to stick to numbers. If you’ve thought of creative names for your reception tables, let us know in the comments, and check out table name and number ideas here.

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8 Table Number Ideas We Love!

Posted by Jeffra on Jun 17, 2011

Rustic, Shabby Chic, Vintage, oh my! We love these ideas for table numbers. Even if you want to keep it simple and just do a standard cardboard number, you can still get creative with how it’s displayed or printed. The most important thing about table numbers is that the guests can see them easily when they enter the reception area.

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DIY: Vintage Table Number Picture Frames

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 14, 2011

If you’re having a vintage wedding, these table numbers are a must!  When I first discovered this DIY project, I knew immediately I had to do this.  It fit perfectly with the vintage theme.  Even if you’re having a barnyard or backyard wedding, it would still look lovely.

DIY Vintage Table Number Directions

Currently, I have collected 20 picture frames and placed the background image for each one that I have.  The picture frames have come from Michaels, Thrift Shops, Big Lots, Ross, and some recycled ones from home.  I’ve tried to keep each frame $5 and under.  I know there are some great frames that are $6…but I just can’t get myself to spend a dollar more!  It adds up quickly when you have a ton of guests!