Bridesmaids, Head to Toe!

Posted by sunflower on May 24, 2013

Just wanted to ask you ladies about how you incorporated your theme into your bridesmaids’ attire?  Our theme was a rustic, fall wedding, and I think the dresses, down to the jewelry fit so perfectly.

My girls and I went to several dress shops before we found the dresses, turns out it was a little shop down the road where we did find them.  I have a bridal party of 8 ladies, so of course not each style falls perfectly on each figure.  They ranged from 5’2 to almost 6′ tall and of course varying sizes.  The dresses we chose were almost exactly the same, minus little details here and there.  I chose a cocoa color for the dresses and matched them with a nice, rustic ivory lacing, which were laid differently on each dress, perfect.  To compliment the dresses. I bought the girls pearl necklaces and matching bracelets.

After seeing the beautiful dresses, I decided to sunflowers to complete our look.  What would a fall wedding look like without a pretty pop of color?

Sunflower-Filled Fall Wedding in Georgia

Posted by Kim on Dec 12, 2012

Pamela & Matthew

October 12

Newnan, Georgia


Q & A with the Bride:

What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

You know that moment when you are doing a tour of a venue and you could “feel” yourself getting married there? Well, that was how it was for me when I toured Vinewood Plantation for the first time. The venue is so serene and peaceful that it was the perfect backdrop for my rustic themed wedding. I did a lot of my deciding for the wedding based on a “feeling”. From my dress to the venue décor, everything was chosen when an indescribable feeling came over me.

Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

I loved having the dance floor outside, under the strings of lights and the stars. There is something so beautiful and rustic about that.

My fiance, now husband, and I really aren’t cake lovers. My favorite dessert has always been the pies my Father and Grandmother make. I knew that’s why I wanted to have pies at my wedding instead of cake! Wicked Pies did a fantastic job. I loved the fact that we could pick out a variety of flavors because it gave the guests options that they may not have had with a wedding cake. Wicked Pies even gave my husband and me an extra “mini pie” that we could freeze (if you are into that tradition of eating your wedding cake a year later).

The last thing I loved was all the little details that were incorporated. This included a personal mason jar for everyone to drink out of, having the guests sign rocks instead of a guest book (the rocks were from Lake Ontario which is the lake in my home town, Oswego, NY), the table with all of the wedding pictures of our grandparents and parents, and the strawberry jam and apple butter wedding favors made by my Mother and Mother-in-law.

If you could offer one piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

If you constantly remind yourself what the wedding day actually represents, marrying your best friend and soul mate, then all the little things you were stressed about don’t seem so bad anymore. I had to ask myself many times, “Will the guests even care if this isn’t included or if this looks like this?” The other thing I would offer is that there is something very fulfilling about having DIY elements in a wedding. It is a personal touch that guests will appreciate. Lastly, even up until the day of the wedding there may be some things that don’t go exactly how you planned them to.  Just know that in the end it will all work out even better than you planned.

Real Florida Wedding: Ginny + Marc

Posted by Jeffra on Jun 04, 2010

Ginny & Marc

May 2010

Location: TPC Sawgrass ~ Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

From the Bride:

“We met in the 9th grade in Junior High School in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Although we were friends, we never dated. Coincidentally, we both moved to Florida for college. I went to The Florida State University and Marc attended the University of South Florida. We spent the last 3 years of our college careers driving 3 1/2 hours to spend short weekends together.

The wedding was the most challenging event I have ever organized. I am a kindergarten teacher and, at the time, was finishing my Master’s degree. I felt as though I had three full-time jobs and at one point…or maybe many. I attempted to get the majority of the work done as soon as I could, seeing as how I graduated a month after our wedding. Sweat and tears aside, the day turned out to be absolutely amazing. Marc and I had a blast at the wedding and it was neat to see all of our hard work pay off and watch as it all came together. We were so happy to spend our special day with so many of our loved ones and are excited to begin the rest of our lives as ‘Mr. and Mrs.'” -Ginny


Photography by & Courtesy of: Mary Dougherty Photography

Florist: Lori Parker, Florium Emporium; Hair Stylist: Grazyna Mercado; Dress: Priscilla of Boston, Vineyard Collection, Lucy; Hair Accessory: Sara Gabriel, Breanna Pin; Shoes: Jeffery Campbell, Pearl Flats, in gold; Jewlery: Carolee LUX pearl studs and cluster necklace; Bridesmaids Dress: Priscilla of Boston, Melissa Sweet Collection, MS215, in tiramisu; Ceremony Musician: Family Friend: Dan O’Brien; Reception Musician: Jonathan Cortez

Savvy Shining Yellow!

Posted by twilson on Jun 03, 2010


Summer means bright colors, and often yellow-painted weddings. Always bold and exciting, this color can make any reception a standout. Below I’ve outlined some of my yellow favorites that can be incorporated into fun and lighthearted weddings:

Inspiration Board: Yellow and Red

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 21, 2010

wedding-inspirationboard-red and yellow