Since the DVD release of “Snow White & The Huntsman” Sept. 11 featuring Kirsten Stewart and Charlize Theron, we came across this twisted, fairytale style shoot. We all know the story–Snow White escapes from the Evil Queen before the Hunstman is ordered to kill her in the deep, dark woods. However, the Huntsman winds up falling in love with Snow White instead and vanquishes the Evil Queen forever. Take a look at how this style shoot is the fairest of them all:

A Notebook Inspired Style Shoot in North Carolina

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 18, 2012

Nicholas Sparks’ “The Notebook” is a classic, romantic, love-lettered inspired story just like this styled shoot. From the antique typewriter, custom-made gown and lots of books. This couple could write each other letters 365 days of the year just like Allie and Noah.