Summer Ceremony Decor: Arches & Altar Arrangements

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 23, 2013

There are many possibilites when it comes time to choose your ceremony decor, especially when you want your aisle markers, arches or altar arrangements to match your theme. So, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites alternatives for any summer soiree:

Rustic –  Burlap is an inexpensive fabric that is a must-have at any rustic affair. Add to your archway along with unique paper flowers.


Photo: Sarah Kathleen Photography

Joyful, Sunny Wine Country Wedding in California

Posted by Alexandra on Jun 04, 2013

Marcia & Avram

February 27

Kenwood, California


Q & A with the Bride:

What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

The romantic rolling vineyards, and the light in wine country. It always looks like you’re in a movie.

Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

I really loved my flowers. Jamie did an incredible job with the colors and textures. We also loved the car. It was a really fun ride and we felt so regal. Finally, the fact that our wedding was an entire weekend to spend with friends. We could relax, drink wine, eat great food, lie around in our robes by the pool — like having our own private resort.

If you could offer one piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that patience pays off.  Sometimes you need to trust in the universe that everything will turn out fine, and it always does. 

Give us the one moment in your wedding day you can’t stop thinking about.

Seeing Avi’s eyes when he first saw me on our wedding day.



Eco-Friendly Outdoor Fall Wedding in California

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 16, 2013

Lindsey & John

September 22

Petaluma, California


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

We loved the meandering paths through the beautiful terraced gardens. It was very romantic, and we could envision all of our guests having the chance to explore the grounds.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

The bridal party Mendhi (henna party) was definitely a highlight. We sat around drinking chai and chatting. The henna was so beautiful and unique, and it was a lasting reminder of our awesome weekend of wedding fun! Another highlight was the bridal party dance that we performed to set off the dance party. I choreographed a super fun booty-shaking dance to a medley of three songs. Every time all the bridesmaids were together leading up to the wedding, we would practice, laughing the whole time. It was so much fun to perform, and the crowd loved it! We designed our wedding altar and had it built by our friends at Heritage Salvage with all salvaged materials. It was gorgeous, rustic and tied in my Chinese heritage. The design was inspired by Chinese arches, and we hung a gong in the center that we used ceremonially.

3. Give us the one moment from your wedding that you cannot stop thinking about.

It’s hard to choose just one, but it would probably be when we were eating dinner. I just kept looking around at all our friends and family enjoying each other’s company and felt so incredibly happy to be in that moment surrounded by so much love.