Fabulous, Elegantly Modern Wedding in Maine

Posted by Jeffra on Mar 02, 2012

Rick & Jon

October 1

Kennebunkport, Maine

The design goal was to create a masculine, tailored and elegant dinner party.  We achieved this by building a glass-walled tent with dark hardwood floors and selecting a blend of mirrored and draped tables.  The bar and chandelier were selected to anchor the room while the white flowers and candles softened the space.  Chef Cartwright prepared an outstanding five-course tasting menu with wine pairings.

Who are We:
Rick and Jon were introduced by a common friend while traveling on a business trip.  It didn’t take too long before they realized they had met their best friend and partner.  They live in Boston and have a summer home in Kennebunk.  After looking for a venue in Boston, they soon realized that nothing fit the style of the event they wanted to have and decided to plan a wedding in Kennebunkport where they could create a memorable party.  The couple was married in Massachusetts in a private ceremony at the Copley Plaza Hotel on 9/28 with a celebration of their marriage in Kennebunkport on 10/1.