3 Ways to Incorporate the Luck of the Irish

Posted by Caitlin on Mar 15, 2013

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, we thought we’d share a few Irish wedding traditions. Green is always associated with the luckiest day of the year, but it used to be considered unlucky for a wedding as it might entice malicious fairies and leprechauns. However, it was lucky for a bride if her groom went through with the ceremony. Who knew that Irish men were known for getting cold feet? Guests would have to lock the church doors just in case. With modern modifications, you can incorporate the luck of the Irish with these three ideas:

1. Shamrocks 

Be superstitious like the Irish and spread three-leafed good luck charms at each place setting.

Photo: Larissa Cleveland Photography

An Eco-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Engagement!

Posted by kharrison on Mar 15, 2013

Photo: Traditional Claddagh Engagement Ring via The Knotty Bride

If you and your significant other love the parades and pageantry on St. Patty’s Day each year, perhaps this is the perfect time to pop the question! Green beers and leprechaun suspenders aside, your engagement does not have to be all about the typical shenanigans. Become inspired by this St. Patrick’s Day engagement from Project Wedding or find some classy and traditional ways to incorporate your love for this fun day into your proposal:

Accompany Your Irish Dream Wedding

Posted by cgarrow on Feb 26, 2010

If you are having your wedding around the middle of March, you are likely aware of that special day for the Irish that occurs on the 17th, St Patrick’s Day. Actually, if you are reading this, you may have chosen your wedding date around St Patrick’s Day because you have a little Irish in ya’. Regardless of why your wedding is near the holiday, you may want to consider incorporating a little irish music to make those guests that are Irish, feel a little more at home. I’ll break this into three parts… the bride that is herself irish and really wants the Irish theme to be obvious, the bride who thinks it would be cool to take her guests on a little irish journey once or twice throughout the day, and the reluctant bride who is only having Irish music because her long lost aunt insists.