Don’t Forget…Your Guests

Posted by Caitlin on Jun 18, 2013

Next on our “don’t forget” list is guests. Their enjoyment throughout the wedding day is just as paramount to you and your fiance’s experience. That’s why it’s important to keep them happy and pre-empt any complaints from the moment the ceremony starts until the last song of the night ends.

1. Spread the Love – As a token of appreciation for their undivided support and love, have welcome bags with personalized notes waiting for them at their hotel room and give thanks to each table during the reception.

2. Seating Arrangements – Don’t separate tables of family members and friends–mix it up! A good rule of thumb is to give your guests enough space both at their table and in between tables. Remember to choose centerpieces that are at a conversation-friendly height. No one wants to be crammed or blinded. Especially be considerate to those older guests and seat them away from the band or DJ. Tip: Use WeddingWire’s seating chart tool.

3.  Climate Changes – Keep in mind the weather conditions and guests’ attire on your wedding day. If it’s hot, provide chilled beverages, fans or umbrellas and if it’s cold, provide warm beverages, shawls or heaters.

4.  Entertainment – Play music that appeals to all ages and pump the volume when it’s appropriate. Tip: Search WeddingWire’s database of songs to build your playlist. Also, consider those guests, who don’t like to dance. Add a photo booth with props or lawn games.

5. Food and Drinks –  Inform guests how you’ll be serving food and drinks (i.e. buffet, hors d’oeuvres, sit-down, cash or open bar) and ask about any food allergies or dietary requirements ahead of time.

Have you checked these items off your list? Share in the comments below!