3 Interactive Save-the-Dates

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 27, 2012

Save-the-dates not only inform your guests of the wedding date but also set the tone and feel of the wedding. It’s a way for couple’s to showcase their creativity and allow their expected guests to have fun when they open their mail. From balloons to scratch offs, here are our favorite interactive save-the-dates:

1. Balloons: Your guests will be blown away when they inflate this save-the-date.

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings

2. Web Site: For those eco-friendly couples, creating a web site that depicts your relationship and proposal is the perfect way for your guests to get to know you better. It can even double as your invitations. For inspiration, check out Jess and Russ’s story or create your own.

3. Scratch Offs: Build the suspense by letting your guests guess the date of your wedding. Then, reveal it after they scratch it off on this save-the-date.

Photo: Swiss Cottage Designs 


Save The Date Inspiration

Posted by llongacre on Jan 06, 2011

There’s some bling on your finger and the planning has begun, now it’s time to inform your guests of what is going on! We all know there is a wedding etiquette for sending out wedding invitations, but the hows and whys of sending out Save The Date invites are often less known.

Remember that it’s a courtesy to give your guests a heads up about your wedding, especially if it’s during a high travel time and/or area or around a holiday.  Also as a common courtesy, even if someone informs you they will not be able to attend your wedding in advance, if they received a Save The Day invite, you should also send them a wedding invite. Even if they can’t make it, they might like to keep the invite as a memento!

Most Save The Dates are sent out six to four months before the ceremony. Plan on at least eight months ahead if it’s a destination wedding.  With everyone’s busy schedules, this will them to make all the necessary arrangements ahead of time to ensure they can attend your celebration. Any earlier and they may toss the notice aside. Any later and it might as well be an invitation.

You don’t need to send Save The Date invites to everyone, just to the people that you want to come to your wedding. Even those whom you’ve already received a “Yes” from should be sent a Save The Date, such as your bridesmaids, siblings, parents and close relatives. However, make you sure you only send out your Save The Date to someone you absolutely want to attend your wedding!

A Save The Date should include your names, date(s) of wedding, city or town and state of where wedding will take place. So not to confuse anyone who has never attended a wedding before, it’s nice to add something along the lines of, “Invitation to follow”, “Invitation and details to follow” or “Invitation will follow.” If you have a wedding Web site, don’t forget to include the address for your guests to start viewing.

Since the Save The Date card is really the first introduction your guests will have to your wedding, don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with an imaginative way to tell about your wedding, maybe how you met and of course this allows you to incorporate your theme into this first glimpse of what’s to come.

Some Traditional Save the Date examples: by Paper and Thread, Wedding Paper Divas

{LVL’s Favorite Save The Date Ideas}