Real Classic Wedding: Trisha + Kenny

Posted by Jeffra on Oct 20, 2010

Trisha + Kenny

Brenham, TX

Ceremony: Ant Street Inn

Reception: St. Charles’ Place

Real Wedding and Photography Courtesy of: Ryan Price Photography

Bridal Portrait Sessions: Show Your Personality!

Posted by Jeffra on Oct 06, 2010

If you’re doing bridal portraits, make sure they reflect your personality.  Include props and a great location that mean something to you.  When you look back on them in 20 years you want yourself and others to see them as a reflection of who you are – not just posed pictures next to a drop screen.  Ryan Price Photography captured K’Rina and Kelsie’s so well in both of their sessions, that in only a few photos you’ll feel like you know them. Take a look:

K’Rina’s Bridal Session

Hullabaloo Diner in Wellborn, TX

Kelsie’s Bridal Session

Yonder Way Farm in Brenham, TX:

As always, a huge thanks to Ryan Price Photography for letting us share his amazing work! You’re awesome!

See more of K’Rina’s Bridal Session here.

See more of Kelsie’s Bridal Session here.

Real Vintage Inspired Texas Wedding: Sarah + Cody

Posted by Jeffra on Sep 22, 2010

Sarah + Cody

July 2010

Providence Hills, San Antonio Texas

From the Photographer: “Sarah’s attention to detail was amazing. So much of the decorations were made by her and her friends. I think that anyone who came to the wedding left thinking, “that was uniquely Cody and Sarah”. One of the cool things they did that was out of the box was not having a wedding cake. Instead they opted for pies. Lots of them. Most any flavor of pie that you could desire. I’ll admit that I definitely snuck a piece of pecan, and it was a refreshing change from the traditional white wedding cake!” –Ryan Price Photography

Real E-Session: Sarah + Cody

Posted by Jeffra on Sep 22, 2010

Sarah + Cody

San Antonio, Texas

E-Session  and Photography Courtesy of: Ryan Price Photography

We have Sarah and Cody’s beautiful wedding to share later today as well, so make sure to check back!

Real Vintage, Texas Wedding: Rebecca + Otha

Posted by Jeffra on Sep 08, 2010

Rebecca + Otha

Bryan, TX

June 2010