Red, White and Blue Bridal Shoes

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 01, 2013

Many couples choose to have a patriotic wedding that coincides with 4th of July, but that doesn’t mean your color palette has to resemble Yankee Doodle Dandy or Uncle Sam. Instead, show your love for America with subtle pops of red, white or blue! Here’s our salute to bridal shoes:


Would you rather be comfortable as you walk down the aisle? If your primped and pampered toes can agree, choose these firecracker red ballet flats.


Photo by: Dani Leigh Photography

Wedding Inspiration: Valentines Hearts

Posted by bridalbuds on Mar 01, 2011

So obviously Valentine’s Day just passed, and I’m so happy to report that it was my last one as a single lady! Apple Sauce and I kept it low-key with a romantic meal at home and a bottle of prosecco; but don’t worry, we’ll pull out all the stops on the honeymoon 😉

Anyway, with all the adorable paper crafts and red hearts hanging in every shop window, I was really inspired to do a Valentine’s Day-themed inspiration board. There is just something so romantic and timeless about soft, red hearts. Hope you enjoy!

Wedding Shoes

Posted by bridalbuds on Jan 12, 2009

In my normal every day life, I gaze lovingly at shoes of all colors. I love when Jcrew adds a new style. Give me heels, give me patterns, and give me comfort. Problem is, I’m way too practical to buy shoes that don’t go with either the brown or black parts of my wardrobe. We are brutal on shoes here in the city, and I cannot imagine spending $500+ on a pair of shoes that would have to walk over subway grates, intentionally miss cracks in the sidewalk, and stand up to my lack of really taking good care of anything.

When it came to finding wedding shoes, I knew I wanted different. Inspired by this:

Photo from

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