Would You Sell Your Dress Before The Wedding?

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 26, 2012

Photo: Heidi Elnora

Have you ever wondered what you can do with your once-worn gown after the big day? A tactic that’s become popular among budget-conscious brides these days is selling their designer dress before their wedding. On various wedding web sites, brides can inform potential buyers when their never-worn wedding gowns will be available at a discounted price.

“The economy is still not where we’d all like it to be,” Tracy DiNunzio, CEO and founder of RecycledBride.com said in a Today article. “If you find your dream gown and you know it’s a little bit out of your budget, you can guarantee you’ll make some of your money back even before you wear it.”

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Would you sell your dress before the wedding?

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Where to Buy the Best Used Wedding Gowns

Posted by WeddingAces on Aug 09, 2010

If you are still on the search for the best wedding gown – but don’t have the largest budget in the world.  Guess what?  You are not alone.  The best way to stay eco-friendly and find the best dress is to buy a used one.  Now don’t turn up your nose!  Think about it.  How many times are you going to wear your dress?  How many times do you think that wedding gown has been used?  ONCE!!!

If you are in the market for a used wedding gown, your best bet is to not go to ebay folks!  While I love ebay for buying books and other fun things around the house – ebay is filled with people willing to make a quick buck and not really in the business for making sure you love what you get!