Maximizing on the crystal-like properties of snow…sparkle abounds in many forms this winter wedding season.  Though certainly not a new concept, bringing some shimmer to your winter wedding is better than ever through the quality of products available this season, as well as the range of categories that can be customized with a little glitz throughout your ceremony and reception.

Lets jump into the first five out of top ten best crystal inspired winter wedding accents:

1.  Branch Decor:  Be it birch branches, curly willow, or manzanita…when festooned with some hanging votives, crystal drops, metallic glitter spray or lighting you have instant winter drama.  Branch decor can do double duty by accenting your ceremony location and then being used to add sparkling seasonal beauty at your reception as well, and it can be scaled down in size for table centerpiece presentations.  Check out my favorite retailer if you are a die hard DIY bride:  Save-on-crafts.


Add some color to your bridesmaids’ lives!

Posted by MeganH on Jun 18, 2008
Pottery Barn J. Crew
Pottery Barn

For some reason, finding bridesmaids gifts was hard for me when I was getting married.  I wanted the gifts to be personal (ok, somewhat mushy), but also fun – something that would reflect their personalities.  While the sentimental portion was something I could handle, I couldn’t find anything for my bridesmaids that was fun and funky.  Although it’s too late for my girls (sorry ladies!), I found some really cute and colorful gift ideas from J. Crew and Pottery Barn that would be perfect for your maids!  Actually, I may have to get some of these for myself!  Happy shopping!

Have you found any great ideas for bridesmaids gifts?