Top 10 Things to Do After Your Wedding

Posted by Alexandra on Aug 23, 2013

10-things-to-do-after-the-weddingPhoto by Lane Dittoe

The wedding bells have rung, the vows have been exchanged, and you and your spouse are fresh from your honeymoon and settling into newlywed life. As you begin an exciting new chapter as a married couple, don’t forget to check off these post-wedding to-dos!

1. Freeze the top of your wedding cake to eat on your 1st anniversary.

2. Write your thank you notes.

3. Review your wedding vendors.

4. Preserve your wedding gown.

5. Change your last name (if that’s your plan).

6. Notify your employer of change in name and relationship status for tax purposes.

7. Change your relationship status to “married” on Facebook!

8. Return or exchange any registry gifts you may not want or need.

9. Manage your joint checking accounts.

10. Create a wedding photo album (and a honeymoon album, scrapbook, or other creative documentation of the trip!)

Husband is a Really Weird Word

Posted by poinsettia on Nov 04, 2011

We are married!  Hooray!  I always thought being a Mrs. would feel different. To be honest, it doesn’t.  And really, nothing has changed.

Yes, it’s true, we both felt different the night of the wedding, but I think that is because we were just surrounded by so much love and happiness!  The morning after we woke up and said, “Good morning wife!” “Good morning husband!” just to test the new words but then we went right back to calling each other our regular nicknames.


Posted by moon on Sep 17, 2010

I can’t believe it! My wedding day has come and gone. I’m a Blossom now! A Married woman! A WIFE! It came and went so very fast. All you brides out there, it goes MUCH MUCH faster than you can believe!  Seriously, I cant express in words, how fast the days leading up to the wedding go, let alone the day of!  It felt like just yesterday I was counting down from 99 days, but its far from that now.

This post is going to be short, because I’m still unpacking and reveling in my married woman life. But keep posted for photos and video and thorough writeups of my many DIY adventures. Several of my wedding aspects have been edited and modified since my initial postings, so you can see the evolution process of things like my guestbook.

So Glad We Went Through With the Wedding

Posted by bridalbuds on Sep 16, 2010

Many times during the planning process out of pure frustration I would declare I wished we had just decided to ELOPE!  But now…50+ days after our wedding when I reflect back on how amazing it was… I am so glad we had the actual wedding.

I started crying (happy tears of course) on the way to work one morning this week as I was reflecting on the wedding.  It was so nice to have all of our my visions and designs come to life.  When I look back on all of the wonderful photographs and see how amazing it all was it fills me with a sense of pride to know that everything from the save the dates, to the decor, to the food, to the favors was picked, planned, and in some cases created by me.

Everyone keeps asking me to see wedding photos.  So using a code I had for a free 8×8 Shutterfly book I whipped up a quick book I now carry around in my purse to share with people when they ask.  It was a quick and easy way to have photos handy to share with friends and co-workers.

Here are a few more professional shots from our July 2010 wedding taken by our photographer, Amy Sandoval.

Our photographer snagged this bike rental for us on the boardwalk to use for a few fun photos.