How Are You Getting In Shape?

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 23, 2013

Photo: The Nichols

All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. That’s why many brides are serious about getting in shape and striking a balance between eating healthy and exercising beforehand. Don’t let working out become an added stress on top of all the wedding planning though. Take into consideration your height, weight (don’t let the scale scare you) and level of activity before you set your goals. Be realistic. It doesn’t mean you should purchase your wedding gown four sizes smaller in hopes of losing all that weight. What if you don’t? Getting in shape before your wedding means you will need to make effective not dramatic changes to your lifestyle, and remember, it’s okay to reward yourself. Of course, with non-food treats like a manicure, pedicure or massage. The best side effect of getting in shape, you may ask? All the energy you will have to dance the night away at your reception.

Which exercise did you find the most rewarding? Let us know in the poll below!

How are you getting in shape?

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What’s Your Venue Style?

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 16, 2013

Photo: Sugar Branch Events 

Choosing a venue is one of the most important wedding planning decisions you’ll make as a couple. But, too often a bride will fall in love with the beauty of a place, sign the contract and forget that it should be custom-suited just like her dress.  Regardless of your guest list and budget, answering these questions before you book is a great place to start your search. Although it may be hard to find the perfect place that fits all your needs, you should look for a venue that suits your style from the beginning and not a venue that will cost thousands of dollars to make it what you want.

Everyone’s style is different, but we want to know what your venue’s style is. Which type of venue did you choose? Let us know in the poll below.

What's your venue style?

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Are You Having An Engagement Party?

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 09, 2013

Photo: Cotto Valley Country Club

Soon after your engagement, not only is it common to have an intimate party to formally announce your upcoming wedding, but it also signifies the official start of your wedding countdown! Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the event, but it’s not uncommon that the groom’s parents, relatives or friends will want to host an engagement party as well. In that case, you might opt to have two or more parties. One with your family that’s more formal and one with your friends that’s a bit casual.

Keep in mind that your guest list should be considerably shorter than who you plan on inviting to the wedding. In addition, plan on doing a lot of talking. Each guest will want to congratulate you on your engagement once the party starts, so take time to speak with them. Of course, there should also be a toast from the bride’s father and your fiance.And don’t forget to toast your host! Gifts are not required from guests, but as a token of appreciation, the bride and groom should give a gift to the host at the end of the party. 

Are you having an engagement party? If so, who is your host? Let us know in the poll below.

Who's throwing your engagement party?

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Did You Get Engaged Over The Holidays?

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 02, 2013

Photo: Natalie Franke Photography

Tis the season to be engaged! Jewelry stores are filled with silver and gold, sparkling with a diamond (or diamonds) awaiting a ring finger to adorn. According to our infographic, 43 percent of couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Hence, why it’s no surprise that more couples get engaged during the holiday season than any other time of the calendar year. Perhaps, it’s one of these top reasons why your significant other proposed:

  • You didn’t suspect anything when he/she went out to do some holiday shopping.
  • It was the perfect opportunity to ask your parents’ permission.
  • Having your family around made it more memorable.

Did your significant other pop the question? Let us know in the poll below.

Did you get engaged over the holidays?

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Would You Sell Your Dress Before The Wedding?

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 26, 2012

Photo: Heidi Elnora

Have you ever wondered what you can do with your once-worn gown after the big day? A tactic that’s become popular among budget-conscious brides these days is selling their designer dress before their wedding. On various wedding web sites, brides can inform potential buyers when their never-worn wedding gowns will be available at a discounted price.

“The economy is still not where we’d all like it to be,” Tracy DiNunzio, CEO and founder of said in a Today article. “If you find your dream gown and you know it’s a little bit out of your budget, you can guarantee you’ll make some of your money back even before you wear it.”

What do you think? Let us know in the poll below.

Would you sell your dress before the wedding?

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