Style Shoot {Part IV}: Pink Garden Inspiration

Posted by Jeffra on Sep 01, 2011

Pink Garden Inspiration

Okay so full disclosure; as I know you’re probably thinking – Garden? But it’s in the woods! So when we did this shoot, the DC area had just experience two full weeks of 100 degree, no-rain weather and so you must use your imagination as we did while putting it all together!

With that being said, the dessert table set up in this inspiration is one of my favorites, well okay they are all my favorite! But the antique rustic step stool we used as the table was the perfect color combination for the accompanying florals, dessert signs, and cupcakes.

If you’ve missed the other posts this week from our shoot, click here. As a reminder, tomorrow we’re announcing a giveaway along with this style shoot – you’ll want to check back to see what it is!

{Vendors ~ Photographyckudesign studiosFlowersHolly Heider Chapple FlowersLinensPartyRentalLTD |FurnitureOnAWhimAntiquesCupcakesVSweetsDessert Table Signs: ckudesignClutches, Linen Flower, and Ring PillowEmersonmadeDesign and Set-Up: Jeffra Trumpower and Holly Heider Chapple}

Style Shoot {Part III}: Chic Garden Welcome Table

Posted by Jeffra on Aug 31, 2011

Chic Garden Welcome Table

Another great set-up that we loved pulling together. And again it’s full of amazing color! This welcome table could easily go along with our first scene we featured on Monday – and I think it’s a perfect Bridal Shower or Rehearsal dinner set-up as well.

{Vendors ~ Photographyckudesign studiosFlowersHolly Heider Chapple FlowersLinensPartyRentalLTDTable Signs: ckudesignClutches, Linen Flower, and Ring PillowEmersonmade Design and Set-Up: Jeffra Trumpower and Holly Heider Chapple}

Style Shoot {Part II}: Modern Tropical Inspiration

Posted by Jeffra on Aug 30, 2011

Modern Tropical Inspiration

Prepare yourself for yellow/orange overload!  For this part of our style shoot we wanted to do something we’ve never seen; to literally burst out with a very vibrant color and couple that with modern florals. I’m in love with this linen, too. It’s such a fun pattern and very versatile. Holly had this brilliant idea to use elephant ear leaves underneath the plates to give it a destination/tropical look. In case you missed yesterday’s post with a sunflower, vintage feel, go here.

{Vendors ~ Photographyckudesign studiosFlowersHolly Heider Chapple FlowersLinensPartyRentalLTDFurnitureOnAWhimAntiquesClutches, Linen Flower, and Ring PillowEmersonmade Design and Set-Up: Jeffra Trumpower and Holly Heider Chapple}

I’m really excited for today’s post (and the next almost 5 to follow it).

A few weeks ago, Crystal, our fabulous head graphic designer and company photographer, and I went out to Holly Heider Chapple’s home in Virgina to do a style shoot with Emersonmade products (we will be doing a giveaway from this style shoot – so stay tuned for details!). Holly has been a part of WeddingWire from the beginning and her flower company has flourished (no pun intended) in the DC Metro area and beyond. She’s also one of our WeddingAces. So we headed out to her workshop and set up 4-5 different scenes using antique furniture from OnAWhimAntiques, linens from PartyRentalLTD, delicious cupcakes from VSweets, adorable sign designs by ckudesign, beautiful bouquets and centerpieces from Holly’s workshop, and a bunch of great props she had in her “magical” barn (yes that is what I’m calling it!). A huge thank you to her team of experts, and family, who helped us pull together this amazing day, all of the vendors who provided us with beautiful materials, and Emersonmade for continuing to send us their unbelievable product to showcase!

Without further ado, here’s our first set-up:

{Vendors ~ Photography: ckudesign studios | Flowers: Holly Heider Chapple Flowers | Linens: PartyRentalLTD | Furniture: OnAWhimAntiques | Cupcakes: VSweets | Dessert Table Signs: ckudesign | Clutches, Linen Flower, and Ring Pillow: Emersonmade Design and Set-Up: Jeffra Trumpower and Holly Heider Chapple}