Romantic Courtyard Wedding in New Orleans

Posted by Alexandra on May 22, 2013

Tyler & Ryan

November 17

New Orleans, Louisiana


Q & A with the Bride:

What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

We really wanted to get married outside and have an outdoor reception.  The Elms Mansion gave us both, as well as an elegant atmosphere.  Everything about the venue is picturesque, starting with its location on the oak lined St. Charles Avenue.

Which details from your wedding were your favorites?

  • One of our best friends married us.  He got ordained online and conducted a very personal and memorable ceremony.  He had everyone crying. 
  • My dad and stepdad walked me down the aisle together.  They both mean a lot to me, so I felt privileged to be given away by them both.  
  • The band, TABOO [now The Phunky Monkeys]. Everyone danced all night.  The band played everything from classic rock to rap, got out into the crowd, and got to know a few of our livelier guests! 
  • Our first dance was to a Joe Cocker song, which was the concert we went to on our first “date” (along with our best friend that married us)!


If you could offer one piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

Stay true to your vision for the event.  We wanted a small, intimate ceremony and reception with only close friends and family.  We had around 160 guests and knew every face.  We truly enjoyed ourselves visiting and catching up with our loved ones.  We spent the night doing exactly what we wanted….dancing and laughing! 

Give us the one moment in your wedding day you can’t stop thinking about.

At the end of the night, the band led a New Orleans second line around the courtyard and over to our getaway car.  Most of the guests were still there singing and dancing in the second line and waiving their handkerchiefs in the air.


Rustic Outdoor Fall Wedding in South Carolina

Posted by Kim on Apr 30, 2013

Katie & Daniel

October 1

Westminster, South Carolina


Q & A with the couple:

What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

When thinking about a wedding location, we wanted it to be intimate and personal.  My aunt and uncle own Ramsey Creek Preserve, so I grew up playing at the preserve with my cousin and sisters—it is a family site that holds many happy memories.  The old school house church was moved to the property and restored with loving care.  As soon as Daniel and I set foot in the church, we knew it was the perfect place to start our marriage.  The entire preserve—the church, barn and fields—are all filled with an indescribable sense of joy and serenity.

Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

  1. The “Family Tree.”  Daniel and I felt that it was important to memorialize family members who are no longer with us, and to pay homage to those relationships that made us who we are today.  Daniel and I collected photographs of those we wanted to remember and had them framed and hung on a giant tree near the old barn.  It was such a subtle but meaningful way to remember those who we missed on our special day.
  2. The giant pumpkin.  The week before the wedding I was driving around running errands and happened to pass the world’s largest pumpkin.  For some reason, I just had to get the pumpkin and I’m so glad I did.  It truly finished off the barn décor.  (A special thanks goes to my dad for lifting the 100 lb. pumpkin)
  3. Custom bowties.  Alison from Hullaballoo events was a godsend during the entire wedding process.  She created so many special touches in the wedding, and this was one of them. LaRoque in Columbia, SC makes custom bowties as well as dresses.  We were able to “create” the perfect ties for Daniel and his groomsmen.  It was so special for the guys to have some custom flair, instead of wearing the same old suit and tie.

Relaxed, Bohemian Barn Wedding in Canada

Posted by Kim on Apr 17, 2013

Caitlin & Jeff

September 8

Ontario, Canada


From the Photographer:

“I was very excited to shoot Caitlin and Jeff’s wedding knowing that it was going to be just a little different than the traditional. We eagerly arrived early afternoon at the family farm, and we knew immediately we were in for a treat from how calm everyone was, even the dogs, who greeted us. The ceremony was held on the front lawn – the location held a special place in the couple’s hearts. Caitlin and Jeff arrived at the outdoor reception in a candy red vintage ford. By then, the clouds had lifted, guests mingled amongst the hand-picked and crafted vintage decor and the tent was glowing with garden lights, colorful bunting,  hay bails, and eclectic seating at each table.

There was a certain magic in the air that evening that I can’t really describe, you could feel the love. It was  like we were attending a long overdue family reunion more than a wedding and thats the way Caitlin and Jeff wanted it. Guests were treated to a superb meal from a local catering company buffet with an build your own appetizer burrito station, to endless gourmet salads and corn on the cob to top it off. It seemed like the buffets went on forever.  A homemade pie station ended the perfect meal.

After dinner, everyone’s hearts filled up with touching speeches (I think the photographers even cried!), we saw people hugging, smiling, and lots of watery eyes.  A little fire pit outside kept people cozy while everyone danced without any hesitation. You could hear the laughter and guests singing out loud until it was time for us to wrap up and head home. We ended the night with one last shot – the bride and groom in a bohemian tent under the stars. Everything was perfect.” – Clint Russell of Renaissance Studios Photography

Glowing Sunset Fall Wedding in Florida

Posted by Caitlin on Apr 11, 2013

Stephanie & Scott 

November 24

Davie, Florida


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

I knew I wanted something different. I did not want a traditional wedding, and I knew I wanted it to be outside. My grandparents house had all the bones that I needed. We just needed to make it come alive for our wedding. The fact the it was my families house just made it even more special.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

My favorite detail was my grandfather’s truck. It’s a 1926 Model T Pickup Runabout. My dress, of course, I would wear it every day if I could, and the table I set up for my husband. I wanted something special so that people, who didn’t know him, would really get a sense of who he is. His table had really nice whiskey for him to share, screen printed rocks glasses with bicycles on them, since he enjoys ridding bikes, Masonic symbols, since he is a Mason and hand painted pictures from friends. He is a tattoo artist along with his friends, so it was nice to surprise him with paintings along with having them as keepsakes from our day. Lastly, I had a sign hung behind the table that said, “Ride bikes, drink beer, get awesome.” I’m pretty convinced that’s my husband and his friends’ motto to life!

3. Give us the one moment from your wedding that you can’t stop thinking about.

For me, I had seen pieces of my wedding details leading up to the wedding, but I never saw everything all put together ready to go. In a way, this was a little nerve racking, but it was also an exciting factor. After taking our pictures prior to the wedding, I pulled up to the house just in time to run in, change and run out. Pulling up, I saw tons of people, heard the perfect music and saw the most amazing glow of light coming from the house. I knew that we had achieved the most perfect glow of light and feel that I was going for.  Walking out, down the aisle and seeing everyone looking back and all the details put together was an awesome feeling! I was so taken back at how perfect everything was, all while seeing all these faces staring back at you, trying not to trip and making sure to tell myself not to “ugly face cry.”  It was really an awesome moment, one ill never forget! My wedding was by far one of the top three moments of my life. So many people worked so hard for so long, and I’ll never forget it! 

Gorgeous Fall Garden Wedding in Washington

Posted by Caitlin on Feb 19, 2013

Jo & Bobby

September 15

Mt. Vernon, Washington


Q & A with the Bride: 

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

My parents live in North Carolina and Bobby is from Texas – we both loved the Southern charm and feel of The Grand Willow. The venue was gorgeous with a large beautiful willow tree in the front yard, lights surrounding the greenery and hanging over the courtyard, French doors, grand staircase – it was perfect. There were several areas for guests to spread out both indoors and out and we hadn’t found that classic, romantic feel at any other venue. It was truly unique.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

I’m sure like any bride, I just adored my dress – especially the pockets. I wore a piece of lace from my mother’s wedding dress sewn onto the flower sash. My something old was a necklace pendant I’ve owned for years and wear nearly every day – I put on my bracelet; My something new were my dress and fabulous glittering shoes; My something borrowed and blue was a handkerchief with blue flowers from Bobby’s mom’s wedding that I kept in my pocket. It felt wonderful to have those pieces from two amazing women incorporated in my dress.

In lieu of a traditional guest book, we had a personalized map made with pins in the places we’ve been and love. There was a quote at the bottom that read “The greatest gifts we can give ourselves are roots and wings,” and the guest book next to it invited guests to share with us the places they have fallen in love with. We wanted to hear the adventures and stories from our friends and thought if we visited those places we could send them a picture thanking them for the idea.

The dessert table and DIY projects. The favors, seating chart, programs and other details were definitely a labor of love. Instead of a bridal shower my bridesmaids, girlfriends and I got together and spent a whole day working on these little details. It was much more meaningful than receiving a bunch of gifts – not that there’s anything wrong with that – and turned out beautifully! The dessert table was like something out of a magazine. It’s one of my favorite pictures. With the crates and lights, it was rustic and elegant at the same time. We had four different kinds of cupcakes and two kinds of cookies.

3. Give us the one moment from your wedding you can’t stop thinking about.

One of the best moments was when we played the shoe game. Many of our family members are spread out across the country, and it was a fun way to let them learn a little about us and laugh at some unexpected answers. We picked personal questions and played just before our first dance. It was great having our (amazing) MC/DJ ask, who was the reigning champ of our fantasy football league and hearing our guests laugh loudly when I shot my shoe up proudly, and Bobby slowly raised mine in shame. Or clap and laugh harder when Bobby’s shoe was raised to the question “Who takes the longest to choose what to wear.” Of course, they liked it when we disagreed on a question. It was memorable and a lot of our family members had never seen something like that before. Our MC made it light, fun and people are still talking about how hilarious he was throughout the night. It was a really fun time.