Rainy Day Nautical-Themed Wedding in Maryland

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 23, 2013

Melissa & Joe 

August 25

St. Michaels, Maryland 


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

Joe and I both grew up in Maryland and had happy memories of the Eastern Shore from our childhood. St. Michaels was a great place that our whole family could get away for the weekend and really celebrate. The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum provided a beautiful and unique location to host a wedding.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. The hanging lanterns. They made the tent and dance floor feel magical.

2. My veil. It was originally my grandmother’s and then my mother’s.

3. The umbrellas. I hated the rain, but they made for some great pictures.

3. If you could offer one piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

My advice would be know that you can’t control everything.  There will be something that won’t go as planned.  Your wedding only happens once, make the best of it and have fun! Up to the day before my wedding there was a 0% chance of rain, we ended up with over 7 inches.  For an outdoor wedding, it could have ruined our day but looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. It just made it that much more memorable.

4. Give us the one moment in your wedding that you can’t stop thinking about. 

Our first dance was one of the happiest moments of my life. Another great and funny memory was walking from the cocktail hour to the tent with my husband and his groomsmen trying to keep me dry in the rain. It was raining so hard that it just had to become funny.


Lindsay & TJ

June 8

Old Lyme, Connecticut


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

Its location.  We wanted our wedding to have a traditional New England summertime feel to it.  We chose a picturesque church for our ceremony and a beautiful beach area in which to do our portraits, and the country club is in close proximity to both.  Our venue is also representative of us as a couple – we love to play sports and spend time outside, and the country club is set on a golf course and has an indoor and outdoor component.

2. Which four details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. Flowers — simply gorgeous.

2. Cupcakes — adorable and tasty.

3. Stationary — the Green Kangaroo’s invitations, programs, place cards, and table numbers were flawless.

4. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Attire — our sisters and brothers comprised our bridal party, and they looked perfect. Each bridesmaid wore something reflective of her style yet in keeping with our theme and color. 

3. If you could offer one piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

Invest in an amazing photographer.  Although you are always told that a wedding goes by quickly, you don’t fully understand how true that statement is until you experience your own wedding. By investing in an amazing photographer, as we did with Candace Jeffery, you are instilled with confidence that your beautiful memories will be captured in photos, and you are given something tangible to forever cherish.

4. Give us the one moment in your wedding you can’t stop thinking about. 

Our sunset photos, which took place on the golf course about halfway through out reception.  This was the first moment that my husband and I got to be alone with one another, yet we could still hear the excitement of our family and friends in the background.  It was also a moment in which we got to reflect on the beauty of our day, which as cliché as it sounds, truly was the best day of our lives.


All Natural and Nautical

Posted by kharrison on Jun 26, 2013

You and your partner will be tying the knot in style in a nautical-themed wedding. Invitations to your special day set the theme for the whole wedding experience, so it is important to make them as beautiful and memorable as possible. Nautical-themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular in the summer and are much more simple and elegant than other themes. They can take place in a variety of different places from a beach, yacht club, and even a restored lighthouse. Here are some must-have eco-friendly details to inspire you:

The swirls and lobster invitation features a beautifully designed red lobster with intricate blue detail.  They are printed on 100% post consumer waste paper that is FSC certified and uses soy based ink from a printer that follows a very precise recycling disposal.

Photo: Swirls & Lobster Invitations (10 ct), Tilia Press

These simple invitations are perfect for a wedding that is held at a beach or by the water. In addition to the cute whale and starfish, these invitations are plantable! They are printed on 100% seeded paper, which will bloom into beautiful wildflowers once planted.

Photo: Ocean Whale Invitations, ForeverFiances’

The turquoise crab invitations are another great way to incorporate the nautical theme into your special day. It features an intricately designed turquoise crab with blue stripes. They are printed on 100% post consumer waste paper that is FSC certified and it uses soy based ink.

Photo: Turquoise Crab Invitations, Tilia Press

These sea shell thank you cards are a great way to send out a special message to your guests after your special day. They feature a simplistic drawing of a fan shell.

Photo: Sea Shell Thank You Cards, ForeverFiances’

These sailor knot bracelets make a great accessory for you or your bridesmaids. Each individual bracelet is tied using white cotton cord and is available in different sizes.

Photo: Sailor Knot Bracelets (25), Mystic Knotwork

These coasters make for perfect favors. They are 100% white cotton and made to be woven as a turk’s head knot. Made from the most authentic materials, these coasters are long-lasting and durable protecting your tables from moisture.

Photo: Nautical Coasters (100), Mystic Knotwork

The mystic sailor bracelet gives a more elegant edge to the traditional look of the knot bracelet. It is made with bright white cotton and outlined in blue satin. In addition to being elegant these bracelets are made from local cotton, polyester and uses eco-friendly fiber reactive dyes.

Photo: Original Mystic Sailor Bracelet, Mystic Knotwork