5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers

Posted by Alexandra on Oct 02, 2013


Photo: Luminaire Images

Gorgeous wedding flowers don’t have to come with an over-the-top price tag. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you work with your florist to create stunning floral arrangements for less.

1. Prioritize – Determine which aspects of your floral decor are most important to you and allocate your funds accordingly. You may have your heart set on a more elaborate bride bouquet but not be as particular about your aisle markers, for example.

2. Stay in Season – Importing out-of-season blooms can get pretty pricey. If you’re tying the knot in October, dahlias and mums are going to be far more budget-friendly than say, tulips or peonies. Opt for locally grown, in-season blooms to keep costs at bay.

3. Supplement with Unique Accents – Mixing in creative, non-floral materials is a cost effective way to add volume, texture and dimension to your arrangements. Popular choices include cotton, feathers, berries, wheat, paper flowers, curly willow, pinecones and moss.

4. Use Greenery – Greens like ferns, ivy, herbs and ornamental grasses are perfect for filling out floral arrangements without breaking the bank. Top picks include banana leaves, eucalyptus, dusty miller, lambs ear, sword fern and lily grass.

5. Multi-Purpose – Plan arrangements that can easily be used at both your ceremony and your reception, even if they are taking place in separate venues. You might have two large arrangements placed atop pillars near the altar at the ceremony and then transported to a welcome table or place card table for the reception, for example.