Wave for a Kiss…

Posted by bridalbuds on Jul 07, 2011

I love the idea of ribbon wands. I mean, how cute is this??

LOVE. Since we’re already doing a bubble exit, I thought about another way to incorporate ribbon wands. And I think I’ve found it! At our wedding, our guests will “wave” their wands in the air for a kiss from the bride and groom. I looked and looked, and finally I found Pebbles, who makes the most adorable wands based on your wedding colors (at absolutely amazing prices):

Farmers’ Almanac Says…

Posted by bridalbuds on Jun 27, 2011

I don’t believe in the Weather Network (no offense, guys). They can’t get their weather predictions right until two days before the actual day. Now that we’re three weeks til the wedding, next week the Weather Network will be giving out their two week forecast and it will include our wedding day. And I can tell you right now: I won’t be checking. What’s the point? For my shower two weeks ago, at the 14-day forecast, it was supposed to be sunny and warm. The day of, it was thunderstorms, pouring rain, and cool.

My father has been suggesting I check the Farmers Almanac for the past few months. Finally, this morning, I decided, what the heck… I’ll check it. It can’t be any less accurate than the Weather Network.

Choosing a Song.

Posted by bridalbuds on Jun 23, 2011

Mr. Magnolia and I don’t have a song. We have many songs we like, but we never actually chose a love song for the two of us.

And since we’re having a live orchestra, we figured it would be a shame to play a current song via MP3 instead of having the orchestra play it for us… since they play so amazingly well. But our band is a wedding band… they don’t play the current stuff, and they obviously have a playlist of songs they play. For extra money, I could have had them learn a song and play it at our wedding for us. But that still doesn’t solve my “no song” problem.

So, we’ve decided to pick a song from their list. Is that unromantic? I hope not… and I like to think that dancing to this song on our wedding day while our 10 piece orchestra plays it live for us will make it romantic.

So I have a few contenders…

Sinatra’s The Way You Look Tonight. A true classic, and so beautiful. Maybe a little overdone? But it’s such a lovely song and would really showcase the orchestra.

Bon Appetit!

Posted by bridalbuds on Jun 21, 2011

In April, the Magnolias and my family went to a Menu Tasting. All the engaged couples getting married at the Chateau and their families were invited to taste a selection of the 2011 wedding menu. This was just a sample… but we loved it so much we decided to go with exactly what was served. So here is what we will serve on our wedding day!

To start, appetizers with the cocktails…

Peeking at the Registry

Posted by bridalbuds on Jun 14, 2011

I admit it. I peek at my registry online to see what’s been bought. I can’t help myself. I figure, what’s the harm in knowing if the items have been bought? It’s not like I know who they’re from. So it’ll still be a surprise!!

Today, I found out that my two favorite items from the registry have been purchased.

1 – the Kitchenaid Slow Cooker.

Actually the most expensive item on my list at $200. I really didn’t think I’d get it. I’m so thrilled!!