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We asked the registry pros at Macy’s to share the hottest trends in wedding registries. From china to flatware to kitchen gadgets and more, they shared what’s new and what’s next. Plus, find out their prediction for the top (and unexpected) registry item for 2013!

What types of patterns, colors, and styles will be popular for china this year?

Gold is definitely making a comeback! We also think that couples will gravitate toward patterns that are pre-mixed and matched, but we’re seeing modern white dinnerware gaining popularity, as well. Vintage styles, like the Edie Rose by Rachel Bilson collection shown below, are big right now, too.

Edie Rose by Rachel Bilson Dinnerware, only at Macy’s

A Gift for Every Guest

Posted by Kim on Apr 09, 2013

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When you’re registering for gifts, be sure to include gifts at a wide variety of price points to make sure there’s something for everyone. From your college-aged cousin who lives on Ramen noodles, to your friend who just got that huge promotion, all your guests should be able to spend what they’re comfortable with. You an also register for some really big-ticket items for groups of friends or relatives to split (check out Macy’s new Dream Fund program they created to make this process super-easy). Here are some gift suggestions for every price point:

$25 and Under

Martha Stewart Collection Petal Trellis Glass Bowl, Only at Macy’s

OXO Chopper, Macy’s

Getting Started: Registry Must-Haves

Posted by Kim on Apr 08, 2013

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Villeroy & Boch New Wave Collection, Macy’s

Registering for gifts can be totally fun. You go to the store, get the scan gun and scan to your hearts’ content (notice we say hearts- that means your spouse-to-be has a say, too!) to stock your newlywed home. However, many find it to be completely overwhelming. To avoid this, have a game plan before you go into the store, so you avoid registering for random things that you don’t really end up using in the long run (what did that gadget do again?). We’ve rounded up the must-have gift categories that you’ll want to include in your registry.


We’re talking both fine and casual china here – you’ll want to register for at least 6-8 sets of everything, and pick patterns aren’t too trendy. You’ll want something that you’ll love for a lifetime. You may not think you need fine china and that you’ll never use it but trust us- down the line, you’ll want it to host your family and friends.

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