Wedding Dresses For A Rustic Style Wedding

Posted by Carly on Oct 19, 2012

Thinking of getting hitched in a barn or field? The rustic wedding setting has taken over as one of the most popular themes over the last few years, and if you’re planning one for yourself you’ll need the perfect gown to wear with a pair of cowboy boots. (Lifting your hem to show your cowgirl style is one of the best photo-ops!) A new crop of rustic chic wedding gowns from the runway is sure to catch your eye, as it did ours. When shopping for yours remember to choose something that’s not too heavy so you can easily move around the grounds, as well as the dance floor, and lace is always a safe bet.


This dress from Modern Trousseau looks like it stepped right out of a rustic-themed photo shoot. The lace detail adds texture without feeling overdone. A perfect option for both the ceremony and reception.

Simplicity rules in rustic weddings, and this v-neck design by Janet Nelson Kumar has that in spades. If you wanted to add a little something to it, a floral belt or sash or even a colored ribbon (pink perhaps?) would work well.

When we think of lace, we almost always think of vintage weddings first. However, that mindset is easily changed when we see a gown like this one from Lea-Ann Belter that features a larger lace pattern that is not made from Chantilly – a fabric far too delicate for a rustic setting. Aside from the type of lace used, the scalloping on the bottom of the dress is definitely one of our favorite features!


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Five Fabulous Looks from Lea-ann Belter

Posted by Bridal Market on Oct 22, 2011

The hand-crafted, beautifully designed gowns by Lea-ann Belter are known for their careful attention to detail. He luxurious fabrics, Austrian crystals and pearl embellishments make her booth at bridal market a must-see. Here are five looks we loved:

A Trompe L’oeil Tier: At first we thought this was a tiered skirt but it’s not. The floral lace is placed midway between the hips and the hem, also giving the impression of a taller appearance.

Crystal Broach: This beautifully draped bodice is adorned with a crystal embellishment that first made us ask if it was a broach. We just love the understated elegance of this gown.

Lee Ann Belter Wedding Gowns

Lace Draping: This lace gown’s draped bodice highlights a bride’s figure and will give a girl an hourglass shape.

lee ann belter wedding dresses

Bubble Skirt: We just love bubble hems. They make a skirt fuller and adding to this skirt’s voluminous look is a tier cascading from the dropped waist draped bodice.

wedding dresses

Lace: We’re just loving all the lace we’ve seen at market and this elegant silhouette with dropped waist is one that caught our eye. The simple silhouette is paired with a tiered organza skirt.

wedding dresses

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Bridal Market Report: Lea Ann Belter

Posted by meg on Apr 15, 2010

Seeing Lea-Ann Belter’s gowns always make me think of the fun weddings at which they are going to be worn.

Her gowns have the extraordinary quality of heightening the natural beauty of the women wearing them.  As everyone knows, if you wear clothing that makes you feel your best self, a wonderful sense of poise glows from the inside out.

In essence, Lea-Ann’s Fall 2010 gowns, handmade with care in Canada, achieve what every gown should.  Her delightful gowns showcase the woman wearing them with wonderful fit and effortless design

Lea Ann Belter Spring 2010image source

Bold Shoulder

Posted by meg on Mar 03, 2010

An asymmetrical neckline is perfect for a bride-to-be with a taste for modern and an eye for fashion. Chic and stylish, these gowns draw the eye upward, elongating a girl’s silhouette and highlighting her shoulder and collarbone for a feminine look with a little edge.

Wedding Dresses, One Strap

Bridal gown designer profile: Lea-Ann Belter

Posted by meg on Aug 11, 2009

Lea Ann Belter KaitlynThere are a lot of fabulous wedding gowns that jump right off the page and draw your eye like a lush, exotic flower.  Then there are gowns like the ones Lea-Ann Belter designs. Each of her gowns has a subtle, quiet beauty that speaks even more when a woman wears them.  Lea-Ann is known for designing “real gowns for real women” that have impeccable fit and are comfortable to wear despite their traditional construction.

Additionally, Lea-Ann Belter’s gowns are manufactured under her environmentally-conscious and watchful eye (some of her gowns are made in organic, vegetable-dyed fabrics) in Toronto, Canada, where she also lives and designs. This is somewhat of a rarity these days in the bridal industry where many designers outsource their production overseas, and it makes me love her collection even more.