Rustic Bridal Bouquets

Posted by bridalbuds on Aug 03, 2010

Wedding flowers are insanely expensive.  But you knew that already.  I love flowers.  I love when CC brings home a bouquet of fresh flowers for me.  I love trying to grow flowers in our tiny front garden (I say try because my green thumb is not so green.).  However, I don’t love the idea of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on flowers for our wedding.  I know it’s our special day, but it is – Just. One. Day.

What’s a thrifty girl to do?

Well, let’s stop and take a look at my inspiration and the bouquets that I adore.

Lavender. I remember about ten years ago, my best friend Anne wore lavender all of the time.  She had lavender scented everything.  I, uh, hated it.  To me, it smelled like little old ladies.  In fact, I teased her all of the time because she smelled like little old ladies.  ~::Time Warp 8 Years Forward::~ I rediscovered lavender a couple years ago and, you guessed it, I love the smell!  I am now that person who has lavender hand soap in the loo, lavender laundry soap and dryer sheets, lavender hand lotion, lavender medicinal balm –  You name it, it is scented lavender in my home.  Naturally then, I gravitated towards lavender for an option as a bridal bouquet.


Lovely Lavender

Posted by moon on Feb 04, 2010

One weekend this past fall we took a day trip down through rural Pennsylvania, part of our jaunt was to visit Carousel Farm Lavender to tour the farm. While there we got to see magnificent rows of lavender growing in the fields. All the buildings are built with rustic stone; I imagined we were transported to the french countryside. During our visit we met with one of the owners and he was proudly telling us about how his farm was featured in Martha Stewart Living and Country Living magazines. They had the magazine’s out for display, and they were full of beautiful images of lavender decorations and table settings. They even have weddings at the farm, talk about a beautiful venue! If your looking for a wedding venue in eastern Pennsylvania, you have to take a look at this place.  However, researching wedding venues wasn’t why we were there.

Flowers for a Lavender Wedding

Posted by tkau on Mar 30, 2009

Spring Pantone ColorsWe are lucky that flowers come in so many different colors, shades, tones, and hues that there will be flowers available to accent just about any and every wedding color scheme! For spring 2009, the Pantone Fashion Color Report presents some bright colors that pop such as fuschia red, palace blue, and super lemon. Grounding these vibrant colors are neutral and sophisticated hues such as slate gray, rose dust, and a floral favorite – lavender.