Working with Tight Schedules

Posted by leaton on Sep 04, 2009

Often the schedule of the wedding is out of your hands – the church says you must be out before 2pm, but the reception site can’t let you in before 5pm, and so on… These kinds of restrictions leave you with either large gaps of time to fill, or no time at all!

The first step is to talk to your wedding professionals. They have been through this a hundred times before, so they will have suggestions to help with your timeline and planning. Better yet, if you have a wedding planner (and invaluable asset in our book!), have them handle your schedule.
As wedding photographers, we will take as much time as you will give us! The more time your photographer has with you, the better chance of having epic, amazing images. If you don’t have lots of time, here are few options:

• Consider seeing each other BEFORE you walk down the aisle.

Meet the Aces: Laura Eaton

Posted by meg on Sep 03, 2009

WeddingAces has been on a role this month, introducing new bloggers weekly! Early this week we introduced The Wedding Guys, and now we are excited to introduce Laura Eaton, of Laura Eaton Photography. A Philadelphia based husband and wife photography business, Laura has been in the industry for 6 years. She has loads of experience, and tons of great advice and inspiration to share with readers!

Keep reading to learn more about Laura, and check back tomorrow for Laura’s first post!

Laura Eaton Photography

Paul and Laura Eaton

Wedding Aces: What is the name of your business?

Laura Eaton: Laura Eaton Photography

Jennifer and Omar’s Engagement Photos!

Posted by MeganH on May 28, 2009


If you remember, Jennifer and Omar were the winning couple from our “Philly’s Best Engagement Story” with My 106.1 FM. Among the many prizes awarded to our winning couple was a free engagement session with our friend Laura Eaton of Laura Eaton Photography. The photos are amazing so we wanted to share a few with you!






Thanks to Laura Eaton for sharing these images and congratulations and best of luck to Jennifer and Omar!