Inside the Wedding Invitation

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 29, 2015


Your wedding invitation acts as a first impression of the celebration to come, and a lot goes into putting together this perfectly pretty piece of snail mail. In our 2015 WinterBook, we break down the invitation suite and bring you everything you need to know, from major etiquette guidelines all the way down to the lovely little trimmings.

52 Invitation Designs We Love

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 03, 2013


Photo: Melissa McCrotty Photography

Get inspired from our invitation photo gallery full of all shapes, sizes, and designs! Remember, it’s your guests’ first peek at your wedding style, so to help you get started here’s a few tips to keep in mind: know your color scheme, choose your wording wisely, make the font legible, check the proof not once but two or three times, order extra envelopes, and do a weigh-in at the post office before you put a stamp on it.

Custom Rainbow Wedding Invitations

Posted by cotton on Mar 20, 2013

Finding non-cheesy rainbow wedding invitations proved to be the hardest challenge thus far in the planning. Mr. Cotton and I both wanted invitations that reflected our whimsical side, but something sophisticated enough to be proud to send out. After much frustration, I finally stumbled upon the website, a lovely invitation company based out of Washington state (Mr. Cotton was born and grew up there, so he was very excited about this fact). The website offers a variety of invitations & the option to create completely custom invitations from scratch. I put in a little bit of creativity and got back a very beautiful wedding invitation. Also, I ordered a sample on a Thursday and two days later, I had my sample in hand!

Here’s what our invites look like and the response postcard front:

The Poppy’s DIY Wedding Stationery

Posted by poppy on Jul 19, 2011

Designing my own wedding invites was something that I always planned on doing. And I truly enjoyed doing it! I sort of new what I was looking for before I ever started, which in some ways made it easier (like choosing fonts) but in others more difficult (like finding the perfect decorative element). Here’s the finished product…

After doing the invitations I was on a roll, so I continued with the theme of western fonts and the same decorative element and created a whole wedding stationery including response cards, direction/accommodation cards, wrap around address labels,  thank you notes, rehearsal invites, reserved tables…the list goes on! (Ceremony programs are still to come)

When it came time to print everything I decided to do my research. At the local print shop I asked them about my paper choices – they could special order the type of paper I wanted (recycled brown kraft paper) and envelopes and do the the printing for $$$. I also asked for a quote if they just did the printing and it came out to $$.  I had already looked and priced paper online and knew it was much cheaper that the paper the printer was proposing we use. So being the frugal bride that I am I went ahead and ordered the paper and envelopes online and dropped them off at the printer’s when they arrived. By doing this I saved $200 and got exactly what I was looking for!

I’d love to hear from the Garden…did you DIY your invitations? Are you pleased with the results?

Save The Dates – Done & Ordered!

Posted by honeysuckle on Jul 01, 2011

After I got my Epics DVD in the mail, I instantly started working away at my Save the Date’s! We are using the website to design and order our Save the Dates, they had a design that I really liked (they have a TON of options). The template was so incredibly easy to use and it all came together in about an hour, most of that was trying to decide on which photo’s to use!

The next hurdle was trying to decide on Magnets vs. Postcards – I loved the idea of the Magnet and giving our invited a guests a little keepsake to place on their fridge, filing cabinets, etc. But Mr. Honey was against it from the start, so after much deliberation, I gave in and agreed to the postcards! I think they will be a hit, I am just afraid someone is going to receive it jumbled up in their mail mess and think it is junk mail and accidentally throw it away!

All along, I wanted something bright with our wedding colors (Turquoise and Key Lime Green) with lots of pictures of us to send to our guests! With a destination wedding, I was told to mail them out about 8-6 months out. Right now I am at the 8 month mark so I think it’s a good idea to order them and get them mailed out!