I’m Not Crazy…I Swear

Posted by daisy on May 18, 2012

We ALL know THOSE brides. When you ask them what their wedding is like they plop this huge, pink, ruffled book on the table with everything planned out. You can tell that she has been planning this since she was 5 years old…the dress she wants is drawn in sophisticated crayon for goodness sakes! Pages and pages of notes and scheduling in this book, THE book. As she puts the book down her face lights up and her eyes go wide and she suddenly expects everyone to be enthralled with her wedding. We are more horrified than enthralled, trust me.

So I have done it…I have made…a book. Now I feel like I have to back track. First of all, you need something concrete to show vendors right? When describing your wedding cake or your decor ideas, shouldn’t they be able to see what you are talking about? Secondly, I am fairly certain that my thoughts and ideas are completely unorganized. I needed a place to put all the ideas that are definitely going into the wedding, almost like a visual list. Pinterest is lovely, but it’s causing me to be totally unorganized.

So here is what I have done: I have taken a regular scrap book (I’m weird and just have those lying around), and created little inspiration boards of the ideas I am absolutely going to accomplish.

Now I have a pretty, visual “To Do” list which really helps clear the cluttered mind! If you noticed, no pink and no ruffles…so that at least makes me a little sane…right? Has anyone else caved and made “The Book?” Has it helped you get organized?

Black, White, & Red Inspiration Boards

Posted by apple on May 14, 2012

I consider myself a pretty indecisive person ūüôā ¬†So, when it came to picking out the theme and colors for my wedding day, I created a inspiration board to help me out! ¬†After a tough decision, I decided on black, white, with pops of red.¬† Here’s 2 inspiration boards I put together that I just love …

I highly recommend putting some of your favorite pictures together in a board.  It makes things a lot easier for your planners, venues, and vendors to look at!

Share Your Inspiration Contest!

Posted by Jeffra on Jul 12, 2011

We are always sharing our thoughts and ideas, and now it is time for you to share yours!

Have you spent countless nights browsing the internet for photos, creating inspiration boards, or bookmarking your favorite idea sites for your wedding? If so, you need to share your iBoards with us!


  • Contest Starts: July 12, 2011
  • Contest Ends: July 22, 2011
  • Winner will receive $75 to Sephora, and have their board featured on the WeddingWire Blog!

How to Enter:

  • Go to the Inspiration Board Tool on WeddingWire.com
  • Create a cohesive inspiration board (must have a theme, color scheme, or overall cohesive feel)
  • Once the entire board is completed, press the “Tweet” button to share your board. This is how you submit your board for entry!

How to Share and Enter Your Board in the Contest

Things to Know:

  • When you tweet, keep the automated tweet in tact. Or make sure to include Inspiration Board and @WeddingWire in the tweet for it to be ‘entered’ in the contest
  • If you use photos outside of the WeddingWire Photo Gallery, you must include proper credit
  • Inspiration Boards without complete photo credits will not be considered
  • You must mark the inspiration board as “public” within your profile so we can view it

We’re very excited to see your boards! Now go GET STARTED!

Free Tools for Wedding Planning!

Posted by cfalk on May 25, 2011

I created this “Feelin’ Groovy” Wedding¬†Inspiration Board at Style Me Pretty

The internet has created a whole new element to wedding planning. Hundreds of wedding networks, blogs and¬†online magazines are available for ideas, DIY tutorials, and advice for your wedding planning and it’s all FREE! Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, especially since there are SOO many options and SOO many different styles. The key¬†to staying calm and stress-free is being¬†able to quickly weed out¬†the ideas and styles you know aren’t suited for you. For example, if you are a bride interested in having an eco-concious wedding, narrow your search and head over to Eco-Beautiful Weddings for plenty of eco-friendly ideas. If you¬†want your¬†wedding to have¬†a vintage vibe, check out Ruffled or for very soft and feminine ideas, ¬†Style Me Pretty. There are hundreds¬†of other great sources out there to help guide you but try to narrow your search from the get go to sites that fit your personal style.

Stone, Shell and Navy

Posted by acursaro on Feb 04, 2011

The final 2011 Color Combination would be so perfect for an intimate, informal wedding and it may very well be my favorite new combo!