Where’s Your Ceremony?

Posted by Kim on Aug 22, 2012

Top photo by T.J. Salsman Photography; bottom photo by Jessica Monnich Photography

One of the first wedding-planning questions you’ll have to answer is: Should we hold our ceremony outdoors or indoors? There are several pros and cons to holding your ceremony in an outdoor space vs. indoors, so it’s important to weigh your options before making a decision.

Outdoor Ceremony

Pros: Whether it’s a beach, a garden, a vineyard, or a farm, an outdoor ceremony space is all about natural beauty. Usually there’s no need to add much decoration to an outdoor space, which can help bring costs down.

Cons: You’re at the mercy of the elements and will need to have an indoor space or tent at the ready in case of inclement weather. You’ll need to do your part to make sure your guests are comfortable (check out this post about helping your loved ones beat the heat). And you’ll have to consider your own wedding-day look as well – a long veil and and down hairstyle can get easily mussed on a windy day.

Indoor Ceremony

Pros: No backup plan necessary! Your guests will be shielded from inclement weather; plus, no worries about the ladies’ heels sinking into the grass or the hem of your dress getting covered with sand.

Cons: You’ll need to work with the decor of your chosen space. A beautiful house of worship requires minimal additional decoration, but a blank slate-style venue, like a loft space, may require lots of brought-in furniture, flowers, and lighting.

Where are you holding your ceremony?

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