The Wedding Grand Finale: the Christmas Card with Photo

Posted by mmaxfield on Nov 10, 2011

Alas! The last wedding dance to remember on your Christmas card!

Vera Wang Gold Mesh Personalized Holiday Photo Mount Cards

{Vera Wang by William Arthur Gold Mesh Christmas Photo mount card}

Before you close your wedding book on all those wonderful memories, there is just one last gesture to your family and guests that brings them back, one more time, to your day of days; that gives them a lasting memory to treasure on their own. What may that be?!?

The Wedding Christmas Card, with, of course, a photo to capture that most meaningful event in your life.

{William Arthur distinctive round corner with brown suede corners}

Happy Holidays from WeddingWire

Posted by Jeffra on Dec 23, 2010

At the end of each year we all look back and reflect on the great things accomplished, the number of fabulous weddings we’ve seen, the changing styles and trends, and thank each of you for your constant support!  WeddingWire wishes all of our brides and vendors a very Happy Holiday!  We are looking forward to another amazing year ahead!

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Jeffra on Dec 23, 2009