4 Feather Headpieces for Green Brides

Posted by kharrison on Jul 05, 2013

Bird-themed weddings are a great way to incorporate feathers and intricate headpieces into your final look. A feather headpiece is a unique alternative to the classic veil that most brides settle for. If you want to look different and classy on your wedding day, a feather headpiece is for you! All of the feathers used in each headpiece are sustainably harvested.

The Kate Middleton-inspired head piece is a must have for your bridal party. It has brown, black and white feathers of different sizes and shapes with small diamond detailing. It also comes in any color of your choice to accommodate your specific wedding colors. If you love Kate Middleton’s fashion, this is the look for you! 

Photo: Kate Middleton Feather Fascinator, Carrie Jenkinson

The jade feather headpiece is a gorgeous alternative to the black and brown feathers shown above with bright and vibrant  shades of jade and green. It also features a light jade hackle feather flower accompanied by light blue ostrich feathers. It would look beautiful with a white vintage inspired wedding gown!

Photo: Jade Feather Fascinator, Carrie Jenkinson

This black and purple feather headpiece is also a chic, eye-catching way to grab the attention of your wedding guests! It has three black sinamay (fabric made from banana plant fibers) pieces sewn together and the black and dark purple fluffy feathers make the headpiece come together at the top.

Photo: Purple Sinamay Feather Fascinator, Carrie Jenkinson

This headpiece has more of a classic look with its pure ivory colored feathers and crystal embellishment. It’s perfect for an eco-chic bride! This collection of goose feathers is mounted again on sinamay and complimented with various feathers of different lengths. This piece is sure to go great with any type of wedding dress design.

Photo: Ivory Feather Fascinator, Carrie Jenkinson

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Veil vs. Headpiece

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 19, 2012

Photos (from left to right): KT Merry Photography and Photography by Verdi

Throughout history, it has become a tradition for a bride to wear a veil on her wedding day, and its symbolic meaning has developed from modesty to chastity into what we now assume a fashion accessory. Whether you choose to wear a veil or a headpiece (or none at all), make sure it suits your personality and enhances your wedding day style. Tip: Choose your veil or headpiece last. Pick your wedding gown first and your hairstyle second. For more veil styles we adore, check out our photo gallery.

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Convertible Headpieces

Posted by Dogwood on May 25, 2010

So as the stress builds, as we get closer to our wedding (seriously, I need to stop caring so much about what people will think of it), I have started to gaze at other wedding images more.  Whether that be our photographer’s blog, Facebook or the WeddingWire image galleries, I have become obsessed! The upside to this, is that I find some really cool things to write about from time to time.  This little post is in regards to a trend that I have noticed when looking at full wedding albums and friends pictures.  The convertible headpiece.  Now you may ask what that is…well really I am not even sure if this is the correct term, or how you would really classify these things. I know there are convertible wedding dresses which shorten from ceremony to reception, so I figured this was about the same.

Fete Studio Wedding Planning

Fete Studio Wedding Planning

In my opinion, the convertible hairpiece is a veil/headpiece that can easily convert from ceremony to reception with just removal of the veil.  Here are some cool options I found.  What do you think? Are you planning on something like this? Are you going to wear your veil the whole time? Or will you just buy a separate hair accessory for the reception?