Wedding shoes have gone from white to playful, and there is no better and more recognizable shoe than the red soled Christian Louboutins. At $500-$1000 a pair, they probably aren’t in most bride budgets. . .however TODAY Gilt Groupe is having a sale on Christian Louboutin’s! For those of you not familiar with Gilt, it is an online sample sale website which sells designer clothing at STEEP discounts! I expect to see Louboutin’s running through at $250 and below! The sale starts at noon today and runs for 48 hours. . .although I expect them to sell out within 24 hours. . .so shop fast!

The website is invite only, but click here to sign-up today!

Photo Credits: Saks, Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter

Imagine walking down the aisle in a gorgeous pair of shoes, and all of the amazing shoe photographs you will have! Yes, $250 may still be steep for some of you, but there is no better time to splurge than for your wedding day!

Some Buying Tips: